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Miranda Lambert talks about marriage to Blake Shelton: ‘We Gave It Our Best College Try’
Prince George “loves being outside,” his grandfather Prince Charles says
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Kate Middleton and Prince William show off sporty side as they go rappelling!
Kate Middleton and Prince William ‘make you feel very special,’ Rachel Weisz says

Jon Bon Jovi vs. Axl Rose

by Nicole
February 6, 2011 at 4:55 pm

InRumor confronts two outstanding figures of the 80s and 90s rock and challenges you to make a choice.

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi is the singer and the founder of the eponymous group. Until now, he has sold over 200 million albums with the band and 10 million as a solo performer.

As a solo artist, Bon Jovi has received numerous awards, including a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination for his hit, “Blaze of Glory”. In 2001 he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Monmouth University. He was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world i 1996.

Jon’s mother, Carol Sharkey, was one of the first bunny girls in the Playboy clubs, and his father, John Bongiovi, was an Italian hairdresser from Sicily.

John Bongiovi adopted the stage name Jon Bon Jovi at the request of the record company with which he had signed a contract. His early career was encouraged by his cousin, Tony Bongiovi, a popular record producer, owner of the Power Station recording studio. Jon worked as a janitor and after closing hours, he recorded his own music in the studio, assisted by his cousin. An album of these early years, called The Power Station Years, was released in 1999.

The band’s debut album, Bon Jovi, was released in January 1984 and it went gold in the US, with sales exceeding 500,000. With their third album, Slippery When Wet the band shot to super-stardom around the world with songs such as “You Give Love a Bad Name”, “Livin’ On A Prayer”, and “Wanted Dead or Alive”. New Jersey, Keep the Faith, These Days and Crush are some of the most successful albums of the Bon Jovi band.

Jon Bon Jovi has also recorded two solo albums: Blaze of Glory (1990) and Destination Anywhere (1997) and has sold over 200 million albums with the Bon Jovi band. A third album, which was not released, was recorded in 1998 and put into play to an audience of fans in August 1998 during a “listening party”.

In 2004, he founded a team of minor league football, the Philadelphia Soul, with his friend and partner in the band Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora.

Bon Jovi has worked on behalf of the Special Olympics, the American Red Cross, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Project H.O.M.E., The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation (formerly the Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation), and other groups. He has been named the first Founding Ambassador of the Habitat for Humanity Ambassador program as part of the international-nonprofit organization’s new advocacy outreach initiative.

Bon Jovi married Dorothea Hurley in 1989 in Las Vegas. He is the father of a daughter, Stephanie Rose, 17, and three sons, Jesse James Louis, 15, Jacob Hurley, 8, and Romeo Jon, 6.

In a recent interview with the Observer, the singer talked about coming to “real good terms with getting older”. In July 2010, some edgy photos showing Bon Jovi in bed with several naked models appeared on the Internet.

Axl Rose

W. Axl Rose (born William Bruce Rose, Jr.) the renowned singer and songwriter of American hard rock band Guns N ‘ Roses.

Axl was the only child of Sharon E. Lintner, who gave birth to him when she was sixteen, and William Bruce Rose, who has twenty. He is of mainly German and Scottish ancestry.

Later, in interviews, Axl said he and his half-brother and half sister were often victims of physical violence on the part of his stepfather.

During his childhood, Axl Rose got involved and taught Sunday school. In addition to singing in church, he participated in school choirs and learned piano.

As a teenager, he had a lot of problems with the police and was arrested over twenty times for public drunkenness and assault.

Rose met the future guitarist of Guns N ‘Roses, Izzy Stradlin, in a driver’s education class. They shared the same love for rock music and began playing together in groups.

In 1985 he formed the band Guns N ‘Roses. Their debut was a four-song EP called Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide.

The band’s major label debut album, entitled Appetite for Destruction, was released in the United States in July 1987. The record had a slow start, but until now, Appetite for Destruction ranks as the best-selling debut album in the United States and it has been certified 18x platinum by the RIAA, with sales of over 28 million copies worldwide.

In September 1991 the band released Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II. The albums spent 108 weeks on the chart. In the spring of 1991 the band embarked on the 28-month-long Use Your Illusion World Tour which became famous for both its financial success and the many controversial incidents that occurred at the shows.

By 1996, Axl is in sole command of Guns N ‘Roses, following the departure of all members except keyboardist Dizzy Reed, and continues the group with new musicians. It was not until November 2008 the first album of this new band, Chinese Democracy, is released.

Unlike other members of Guns N ‘Roses, Axl Rose is not known for excessive use of drugs. However, he never denied having used illicit substances. Axl Rose is also known for his strong character and has poor relations with the press

In April 1990, Axl Rose married Erin Everly, daughter of singer Don Everly – for which he wrote Sweet Child o’Mine – in Las Vegas . This union was annulled in January 1991.

In the middle of that year, supermodel Stephanie Seymour, already the mother of a child, became his companion. She appears in two clips of the band, Don’t Cry and November Rain. They split in early 1993.

In September 2010, Axl and his band got a nasty welcome from a furious audience at a concert in Ireland where they arrived 90 minutes later than scheduled. A month later, the famous musician was involved in another controversy as a car rental company filed a suit against him for allegedly trashing one of the cars he had rented from them.

Which singer rocks?

  • Jon Bon Jovi (22%, 138 Votes)
  • Axl Rose (78%, 487 Votes)

Total Voters: 623

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21 Opinions to “Jon Bon Jovi vs. Axl Rose”

  1. The Kid says:

    Um – Axl Rose 100 million sold – in just 2 full album releases, 1 EP, and a greatest hits. The last album isn’t even included in the total.

    Bon Jovi? lots of albums. 120 million sold (um no, not 200 million).

    Axl = 100x better singer and all around writer and musician.
    Bon Jovi= a dictator in his own band, (like axl but difference is his bandmates are nothing without him so they weathered the storm).

    Music? no comparision. GNR considered one of the greatest all time rock bands. IMHO in the top 10 easy. Any day of the week. Bon Jovi? Maybe in the top 100? maybe.

  2. MamaSan says:

    Meh, Axl Rose. A few good songs from a one hit wonder band. Only Sweet Child made it to number one. Pretty much a nostalgia act even considering their wet blanket release of Chinese Democracy two years ago.

    Doesn’t even belong in the same sentence with the legend and still current act, Bon Jovi.

    • Joe Bob says:

      One hit wonder band? are you on crack? 1st album sold 28 million worldwide. Use your Illusion 1/2 combined sold 30 million worldwide. Bon Jovi’s best 2 sold 28 million and 20 million. #1′s mean nothing. Bon Jovi is a girl – not a rock singer.

      Case in point Bon Jovi released 17 studio albums and compilations. GNR release 4 studio albums (one being Chinese democracy), 1 greatest hits, a live album and one cover album.

      GNR is a legendary band. Up there with Zeppelin and the Stones. Bon Jovi is right down there with N Sync, NKOTB and Nickelback though!

      Most of the GNR songs are TOO HARDCORE for radio play. You know nothing. get a fricken clue before you make a comment. GNR is a rock band – bon jovi a boy band. A bieber of the 80′s and 90′s.

      If GNR were to reunite and make another album that is anything as good as UYI or Appetite, it would easily sell 20 million worldwide if not more. And the tour would eclipse any and all headliners now touring including Bon Jovi combined $ wise 3 times over. I never heard on Bon Jovi being offer 500 million for a tour! GNR turned it down to reunite and tour.

  3. JBJ FAN says:

    you stupid f#ckface…..
    jon bon jovi and his band, bon jovi arent haters and arent punks…they’re musicians….
    theyre here to make good music, make their fans happy and spread love…
    f#ck you, you cunt!

    • The Kid says:

      JBJ is a hater. He was whining why Axl gets more attention and he hadn’t at the time put out a record in 10 years.

      Why more attention? Because Axl Rose and GNR (original) is almost a mythical band that if it reunited would save RNR once again after they saved it from the likes of cinderella, poison, etc in 1987.

      JBJ isn’t RNR and you can’t compare GNR to BJ. F Spreading love, why not spread RNR. The industry is ripe for the taking if a band could come in with a sound with the ferocity of Appetite – which is the standard or pinnacle of any RNR album. Sure there were better bands han GNR – but I dare to say Appetite the the BEST all around RNR album EVER. (mind you I am talking Hard Rock – to each his own – you can;t say Metallica is better! Or this or that. They aren’t rock its metal. JBJ is at best Adult Contemporary Rock)

      • myopinion says:

        do you really think jon bon jovi is a hater? really?
        that means you have no idea who he is…
        gnr are a RNR band and that’s it, they just made some good music a really long time ago….
        Bon Jovi is more than just music, they give a message, a good message, a hope message. GNR doesn´t. they’re just drunks…. i’m sorry dude but it is the truth, they made good music once, not anymore and they don’t help people in need like bon jovi does…
        even though bon jovi’s music is not as good as it was before they still care about their friends, fans and people in need.
        you are wrong, he is not a hater :S
        he is a lover and a believer.

  4. The Kid says:

    Duff McKagan is likely the BEST all around musician in the last 30 years. Thats a musician. The unreleased “Beautiful Disease” is F’in sick. Slash easily ONE of the best ROCK lead guitar players (and he can play rhythm like a MF’er too) ever, Axl is EASILY in the top 5 of Rock frontmen ever, Izzy Stradlin EASILY one of the best all around rythm guitarists and songwriters in the past 30 years.

    JBJ? Sambora? not so much. Thats why no one cares about BJ except women and nostalgic men who got laid to their music.

    were comparing GNR to BJ (BJ sounds like a GREAT abbeviation for them hahaha) – so don’t comment that theres better guitarists than this guy etc etc.

  5. Uncle says:

    Axl Rose is one of the greatest rock n roll vocalists ever, he also has as much swagger as Jagger (that rhymes). Yes people will say he is temperamental but who made rock n roll boring? The man is an enigma….Im not going to bad mouth Bon Jovi because the guy has a huge fanbase but I think its a no brainer who wins here. Also Chinese Democracy is an underrated piece of work (listen to the track Catcher in the rye and also Better), people are to distracted with the media nonsense about Axl breaking up the ‘original’ GnR. The current line up in GnR is amazing and those guys put on a fantastic live performance, yes they show up late buut they always have….if you dont like it then maybe Bon Jovi is for you…

  6. speed says:

    go gunners, even their fans are more kickass than bon jovi! never stop rockin

  7. Karelle says:

    Jon Bon Jovi is better ;) Axl Rose is a dumbass !

  8. Karelle says:

    Jon Bon Jovi is better than Axl Rose. Bon Jovi knows the success again. GNR, no. So haters, shut up. Bon Jovi is a legendary and a ROCK BAND :) And Bon Jovi isn’t a boy band. BON JOVI FOREVER !

  9. Noneubusiness says:

    GNR easily beats out BJ. Even the new band that not a lot of people listen to kick more ass. After GNR’s breakup Axl gathered the top musicians to be part of the band. Bumblefoot is easily one of the best shredders(Buckethead as well), DJ is by far the best modern rock guitarist of today and Richard is a spitting image of Izzy and he resembles almost everything of Izzy. Frank is not the best drummer out there but he still rocks nonetheless. Tommy is a great bassist. He has released so much under-rated material. The only song that received any honour at all is “Light of Day” and it deserves way more of the spotlight instead of BJ. GNR will live forever, with or without the old band and it will still always beat out BJ. Wait a second, I thought we were comparing bands? BJ isn’t even a band, just a bunch of queers.

    • Bon Jovi says:

      What?!? Oh well,think about when Axl Rose cancelled concerts or when he interrupted one of them because of the fand who PAID MONEY to see that concert.Do you agree with that??Bon Jovi is really a great band which doesnt cancell concerts because the band wahnts so…And see?the band exists after so may yearsss!!!i dont wanna say i dont like GNR music cuz i like but Bon Jovi definetelly is a TRULY BAND.GOOD JOB BOYS!

  10. ixy says:

    This is so stupid..Why do people always have to spend time doing stupid things such as fighting over who’s better-Bon Jovi or G’N'R?That’s just so juvenile and immature..Why don’t you all just go and listen to the music u prefer??Who cares if you’d rather listen to Bon Jovi or G’N'R??

  11. jenny says:

    Don’t you get bored with saying so much crap about Bon Jovi??What the hell is wrong with you??Don’t you have anything more important to do in life than to just post stupid comments full of hatred??I feel sorry for you..

  12. Liam says:

    Living on a prayer song, i think terminates the whole of GNR’s head banger songs. i just looked at the fans ecstatic behaviour when the music started to play that it almost lift you up in the air. Bon is truly an artistic music composer.

  13. kristine says:

    BON JOVI!!! they arent haters like axl! axl is asshole just like what kurt cobain calls him!

  14. BON JOVI FAN!!! says:

    Bon jovi is better than Axl rose or GNR. Firts of all ,Axl Rose is a hater,his band doesnt exist anymore and he is an asshole.Bon jovi still exists,this band is like an family and htey are not such crazy people as Axl Rose.Bon Jovi arent haters and they are really musicians not sreamy and haters or assholes like Axl Rose.Bon Jovi forever!

  15. Bon Jovi says:

    Bon Jovi is really a great band.This band sold millions albums and this band still exists…but when we think about GNR…that band oesnt exist anymore…What do you wanna see?Cncerts which are cancelled at GNR???Well,Bon Jovi has never ever cancelled a concert or interrupted it like Axl did.Bon Jovi!!!

  16. Andalib says:

    I am a big fan of GNR and Bon Jovi but when comparing the two vocals BJ isnt even close. I do agree that BJ gives hope and tells you to believe, however, we aren’t comparing shrinks here. I would dare BJ to attempt to sing Jungle or you could be mine or even sweet child at the original octave. Even after the medias countless efforts to portray axl as an asshole, crazy and psycho maniac who broke up the greatest band in the world he still has the biggest fanbase any other rocker has. Also considering he wasn’t even on the spotlight after 1994 and was virtually extinct. And honestly we dont even know what personal issues surround a band and why they actually broke up it’s just that slash has become such a media whore that he was successful in turning the heat to axl while people were wondering where axl was. Trust me, my head almost explodes with adrenaline each time i see an old video of axl rose performing on stage running all around and screeching his powerful and distinct melodies. He isnt as good now but he’s 50. Dont let that slip your mind. And he’s been through alot. All the bullshit about him and also that breakup with stephanie. He once said he doesnt feel like going on the internet because of all the crap written about him. Axl is the most charismatic,talented, iconic and obviously good looking performer to ever exist in the music industry ever!! And i still love bon jovi after he bitched about axl.

  17. Jane says:

    I love these bands and vocalists both, when it comes to which band has the best music, well that depends on your taste. But if I have to chose between Jon and Axl, I’d pick Jon Bon Jovi, he’s a family man, living a clean life, trying to share his blessing and still looking good and fit compare to Axl who’s gain a lot of weight, you’d hardly recognize him if you bump in to him. Axl doesn’t sound as good when singing compare to Jon. But I wish the best for both of them, the made great music that people will listen to for generations.

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