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Beauty therapist presented as Kate Middleton’s beautician has never worked for her
Duchess Kate stuns at Bafta awards in Alexander McQueen gown
Kate Middleton pregnant: bets placed on royal baby in 2017
Kate Middleton pregnancy and surrogacy rumors denied
Kate Middleton themed café opens in Australia

iPhone 5 release date and rumors: biggest leaks in 2011

by Nicole
December 27, 2011 at 10:14 am

InRumor takes you through some of the most stunning Apple leaks in the past year.

iPhone 5 could be released Oct. 5 2012

According to Apple Biter’s Blog at, new information leaked on the net suggests that the first anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death could be marked by the release of the much-awaited iPhone 5.

Since Jobs’ involvement in the product would make it “cult classic” at the time of its release, the blog speculates that the date of the launch for the iPhone 5could be pushed to October in commemoration of the death of Apple’s co-founder.

“We find these rumors to be very valid, for the simple fact that Steve Jobs gave utmost importance to the design of Apple products,” the site writes.

iPhone 4 leak

Back in January, a YouTube video was posted by a firm called GlobalPartsDirect in which they detailed what it was then believed to be an “iPhone 5.”

In the clip, the device is examined and taken apart and it reveals small changes to the antenna. However, what the video actually presented was the iPhone 4S, 10 months before its release.

In the months that followed, new information about the handset surfaced, such as the front panel and A5-based logic. At one point, Apple accidentally leaked the iPhone 4S name in the iTunes beta before its launch.

iPhone 5 photo leaks online

Although it didn’t specify its source, claimed to have stumbled upon a photo taken by what appeared to be an iPhone 5.

Judging by the resolution of the picture, many assumed the photo was actually taken by the iPhone 5, as all the details pointed to the rumored features of the device. An Apple engineer could have taken the picture.

In addition, a reader on the site managed to straighten out the curved reflection on the plate through image processing, making visible what seems to be a phone.

Another iPhone 5 prototype lost by an Apple engineer

Back in July, we reported that a prototype of a future iPhone has been lost by an Apple employee in a bar, just over a year after a similar episode occurred.

Apple promptly contacted the police and tracked the terminal that led to a 20-something man from the neighborhood of Bernal Heights.

The man admitted he had been at the respective bar on the fateful night but denied having any connection with the disappearance of the smartphone which was later sold for an alleged $ 200 to a website.

However, the device was in all likelihood the iPhone 4S, which is why there was no leak to any tech site in the end given that it wasn’t much different from the previous model.

iOS 5 Assistant, aka Siri, leaks online

After Apple bought Siri in May, various tech sites reported that negotiations were ongoing to integrate the speech recognition technology into the future iPhone.

9to5Mac spilled the beans on the major new feature of the following iOS – the voice-controlled Assistant.

The gadget was said to help users use their iPhones to schedule appointments in the Calendar, send a text message, get directions and more, all of which

A video posted on the site Mac Rumors precisely detailed what the Assistant interface would look like.

iPhone 5, iPad 3 references included in iOS 5.1 beta

When the iOS 5.1 was released in late November it was revealed that its code contained references to the iPhone 5 and 2 iPads, internally named iPhone 5,1, iPad 2,4 and iPad 3,3, respectively.

Given that the iPhone 4S was previously listed internally as iPhone 4,1, this reference to iPhone 5,1 is believed to cite the next-generation iPhone model.

Even though no precise details regarding the new devices are offered, the data can help form an idea of Apple’s future release schedule.

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