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Kate Middleton talks about the ‘huge challenge’ of motherhood

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Kate Middleton isn’t upset with Prince William after ski trip, report denied

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Kate Middleton not pregnant with royal baby no.3, despite report

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Kate Middleton and Prince William arrive in Paris for 2-day tour

The British princely couple is currently visiting Paris and was welcomed on Friday by French President Francois Hollande at Elysee Palace.

Meghan Markle reportedly told Kate Middleton he was pregnant, rumor subsequently denied

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Kate Middleton talks about the ‘huge challenge’ of motherhood
Kate Middleton isn’t upset with Prince William after ski trip, report denied
Kate Middleton not pregnant with royal baby no.3, despite report
Kate Middleton and Prince William arrive in Paris for 2-day tour
Meghan Markle reportedly told Kate Middleton he was pregnant, rumor subsequently denied

iPhone 5 release date: rumors of the year

by Nicole
December 30, 2011 at 6:17 am

Apple has definitely been in the spotlight in 2011. In anticipation of the iPhone 5 release, rumors about the handset have kept the Cupertino company at the heart of news this past year.

InRumor offers you a recap of the juiciest iPhone 5 rumors of 2011.

iPhone 5 to launch Sept. 5 in the US, Oct. 5 in Europe?

Reports surfaced in July about a senior Swisscom executive claiming that the smartphone would have separate launch dates in the US and Europe, namely September 5 for the US and October 5 for Europe.

Since it was absent from the WWDC in June, the iPhone 5 was said to arrive on September 5.

However, it was during the same the conference that Apple mentioned a “product transition” in the fall.

iPhone 5 to arrive Oct. 15, said France Telecom CEO Stéphane Richard

The head of France Telecom – Orange, Stéphane Richard, caused a frenzy in September whe he mentioned the upcoming release of the highly anticipated new smartphone from Apple.

“If we believe what we have been told, the iPhone 5 will be released on 15 October,” he told a small group of French reporters on September 16.

“If the date is confirmed, it will definitely be in France Telecom stores,” he added, concluding with a mysterious, “We shall see.”

iPhone 5 to be unveiled in the first half of October

A week later, speculation was rife that the handset would be released in the first half of October.

Based on rumors about the Apple management banning employees from going on vacation between 9 and 12 October (a period they called “special”) and between 14 and 15 October, many assumed the gadget would arrive on or before October 10.

Al Gore hinted about the “new iPhones” in October

Adding to the speculation, the former vice president of the United States of America and current member of the board of Apple, slipped what seems to an Apple secret.

While speaking at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit in South Africa , Gore fueled speculation that Apple might introduce more than one model in October.

It was enough to consider at least two models: a redesigned iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S based on the current iPhone 4 design.

Apple confirmed October 4 event with “Let’s talk iPhone” invitations

Finally, the various rumors circulating on the net were confirmed by the invitations sent to selected members of the press.

The device was expected to be “thinner and lighter” than the iPhone 4. In addition, a 1GB of RAM and a voice-control system known as the Assistant were said to be some of the gadget’s features.

“Let’s talk iPhone,” the invitation read, which requests participants to be at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino on Oct. 4 at 10 am.

iPhone 5 release date rumored to be delayed to 2012

After Tim Cook finally introduced the iPhone 4S but not the long-awaited iPhone 5, much to the disappointment of fans, analysts speculated that the reason why the world didn’t see the iPhone 5 in October was because Apple’s device depends on the LTE 4G technology.

Will Strauss, president of wireless chip market research firm Forward Concepts, said Apple was likely to release the iPhone 5 in spring 2012, when LTE chipsets will be available for thin smartphones.

Moreover, back in April, CEO Tim Cook said that the “first generation of LTE chipsets force a lot of design compromises.”

iPhone 5 was Steve Jobs’ signature project before death

A day after the launch of the iPhone 4S on Oct. 4, news broke that the visionary head of Apple had passed away after a long battle with cancer.

The following week, Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar claimed that the iPhone 5 was the last project that he focused on until his final days.

The analyst said that from the concept to the final design Jobs followed “closely” all the steps, which should make it “cult classic” at the time of its release, probably in the summer of 2012.

iPhone 5 features rumored to be introduced next year

In anticipation of Apple’s next handset, rumors were flying in late Ocotber about the possible features of the iPhone 5.

Beatweek Magazine believed that a new body style for the gadget is “almost a given.”

In addition, according to The International Business Times, possible features could include a SIM-less design, a curved glass display, a slimmer body with an aluminum plate casing, an A5 chip, wireless charging and LTE compatibility.

CNET also reported that Apple is expected to unveil a 4G iPhone next year to respond to competitors in the LTE smartphone market.

Apple to release iPad Mini and 4-inch iPhone 5 in 2012?

In November, The Korea Times reported that a senior at LG confirmed that Samsung is currently working on new display that will power the next iPhone 5.

Apple was rumored to be negotiating a $1.1 billion deal with a view to equipping its smartphone with a 4-inch screen instead of the previous 3.5 inches, and the iPad with a 7.35 inches display in addition to the existing 10-inch format.

iPhone 5, iPad 3 references included in iOS 5.1 beta

When the iOS 5.1 was released in late November it was revealed that its code contained references to the iPhone 5 and 2 iPads, internally named iPhone 5,1, iPad 2,4 and iPad 3,3, respectively.

Given that the iPhone 4S was previously listed internally as iPhone 4,1, this reference to iPhone 5,1 is believed to cite the next-generation iPhone model.

Even though no precise details regarding the new devices are offered, the data can help form an idea of Apple’s future release schedule.

iPhone 5 could be released Oct. 5 2012 to commemorate Steve Jobs’ death

According to Apple Biter’s Blog at, Apple could be planning to mark the first anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death with the release of the much-awaited iPhone 5.

Since Jobs closely followed all the steps of the production of the iPhone 5 in the last days of his life, his involvement in the product should make it “cult classic” at the time of its release, probably in the summer of 2012.

Because of this, the blog speculated that the date of the launch for the iPhone 5 could be pushed to October in commemoration of the death of Apple’s co-founder.

iPhone 5 with aluminum back and complete new design coming in fall 2012

According to the latest Apple rumors, the iPhone 5 will likely feature an aluminum rear panel and rubber bezel in the fall of 2012.

BGR speculates that the new materials could help join the front glass and the aluminum back, all of which will cover a redesigned antenna system that surrounds the device.

This way, the company won’t have to use a large plastic insert above the antennas as is the case on the iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.

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