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Kate Middleton and Prince William co-host BBC Radio 1 chart show

The royal spouses gave an interview to the BBC Radio 1 station, in which they revealed how their daily lives go by behind the doors of the Kensington Palace.

Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry share candid conversation about their struggles in new video

A short video shows the three royals opening up about their personal histories regarding mental health.

Kate Middleton proud of “brilliant” Prince Harry after opening up about Princess Diana’s death

Prince Harry’s confession about suffering after his mother’s death moved not only his audience, but his sister-in-law as well.

Kate Middleton admits motherhood can be “lonely”

Duchess Kate recently talked about the challenges faced by mothers.

Meghan Markle shuts down lifestyle blog The Tig

Prince Harry’s girlfriend announced on Friday that she finally pulled the plug on her lifestyle blog The Tig.

Kate Middleton and Prince William co-host BBC Radio 1 chart show
Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry share candid conversation about their struggles in new video
Kate Middleton proud of “brilliant” Prince Harry after opening up about Princess Diana’s death
Kate Middleton admits motherhood can be “lonely”
Meghan Markle shuts down lifestyle blog The Tig

iPhone 5 rumors on components, leaks, concepts and more

by Nicole
August 12, 2012 at 1:36 pm

This week has seen various sites publishing photos of leaked parts for the future iPhone.

French site NowhereElse has posted several series of pictures of iPhone 5 leaked components.

Photos of the new Home button and the new nano-SIM tray were published by the site, followed by pictures of the front panel and internal components, including the protective glass cover, internal sensors, home button, volume control buttons and a protective shielding for the back of the screen. also published pictures of a connector that is only 8 pins wide. A smaller port would allow Apple to move headphone jack at the bottom of the device and increase the size of the speaker / microphone.

The same French site also posted images that compared the older 30-pin connector from the iPhone 4S to the 9-pin one that is rumored to be featured in the next iPhone.

Other leaks came from which posted scans from Chinese newspaper Apple Daily that managed to obtain what is claimed to be one of the iPhone 5 enclosures.

The publication reported that the next iPhone will measure just 7.6 mm thick, which makes it 18 % thinner than the 9.3 mm iPhone 4S.

Adding to the series of leaked parts were several photos posted by 9to5Mac that revealed a battery with a capacity of 1440mAH, while the iPhone 4 battery is 1420 mAh, and the iPhone 4S battery is 1430 mAh.

The voltage of the new battery is increased from 3.7 on the iPhone 4S to 3.8, and its watts-per-hour measurement of 5.45 is up from 5.3 on the previous model.

The same site provided a full gallery of all the leaked components, which included the unibody back casings, dock ports, LCD panels and the battery, shared by 9to5Mac contributor Sonny Dickson. also came up with a comparison between the new components and the ones found in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 concepts didn’t cease to surface this week either.

A chromatic range of iPhones was imagined by a Flickr user named Nerowx who proposed a few images of what the device might look like if it was launched in multiple colors.

5_profile_Colors_triangle 2012-07-30 14112900000

TechRadar presented a 3D render of the iPhone 5 based on the latest rumor roundup, including the elongated 4-inch display, a bottom-placed headphone jack and front facing camera moved above the earpiece, a smaller dock connector and a two-tone design.

In addition, screenshots of what apps may look like on the future iPhone were posted online.

What is more, 9to5mac found evidence in Apple’s iOS Simulator developer app that the iOS 6 screen can be scaled to fit a 640×1136 display with 5 rows of icons.

The site concluded that this is the only resolution for which the simulator displays 5 rows of icons on the screen of an iPhone.

Te same site also reported that they have found evidence in the iOS 6 beta that Apple is testing devices with a 9-pin dock connector.

The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung has apparently revealed Cupertino’s market strategy regarding the success of its flagship device.

Phil Schiller claims that the company analyzes things by establishing that each new iPhone sells as much as all the other previous models together and so far their estimates proved true.

It is estimated that the iPhone 5 sales will be 2 times higher than those of the previous models.

Industrial designer Don Lehman provided a thorough analysis of the next iPhone’s rumored unibody design.

Lehman believes that the persistence of leaked parts coming from Asia is an indicator that these components are the actual design of the device and that they reveal more of an upgraded version, compared to the iPhone 4/4S, rather than a total design change.

The device will feature a unibody design with a two-tone metal backplate because of Apple’s quest for refinement and functionality.

And in the category of fun, we have a video posted by Mashable editor Peter Pachal where he interviews Siri on the most talked-about rumors regarding the next iPhone.

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