Russian espionage with coded messages, posted on the Internet

And if you thought that intelligence is a forgotten legend, you’re wrong. Economic and military espionage is growing, is evolving on the Internet and it places the Russians in the foreground.

The Internet and the software techniques are tools currently used by modern spies. As recently as yesterday, the FBI released a dossier in which heroes are several major Russian spies, caught for sending encoded information on the Internet.

The technique is not really complicated. Spies encrypted data in a text file which was “hidden” in an image file. That picture was posted on various websites and the recipients of the information just saved the image and decode its data using the same algorithm.

The messages sent by the Russian spies contained various information such as location and dates of meetings or bank accounts. According to the FBI, in the homes of the suspected spies were planted microphones, and they received a specific noise similar to coded transmissions.

After that, it was just a matter of time untill FBI caught them. The young lady in the picture is one of 11 Russian spies caught by the FBI.