Timbaland was the subject of a suicide attempt

His family was worried about his life and decided to announce the police, no to harm himself after the theft of a $2 million piece of jewelry.

Sources told that the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department put out a “possible suicide attempt” APB just before 5 PM PT yesterday.  Therefore, a helicopter and squad cars went on the hunt for the rapper.

After the singer was located, he was put on a police car and took him to his home and was tested by paramedics to see if he’s ok.

Nevertheless, Timbaland called into Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and spoke about what happened. He confirmed someone stole something from him and he was mad about it but he didn’t have any suicidal attempt.

He also added that he wanted to clear his mind so he took a ride with his car but a family member got too worried about it and announced the police.

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Charlie Sheen will no longer perform in “Two and a Half Men”?

A source close to the actor told People magazine that he decided not to play anymore in the successful TV series “Two and a Half Men.”

Sheen, who is now the best paid actor in television, has requested a salary of $ 2 million per episode for the eighth season of TV series.

Sheen was paid with 987,000 dollars per episode, and he was offered the salary of $ 1.2 million, but he declined.

The movie, currently at its seventh season, has on average 15.2 million viewers, being the most popular sitcom of the CBS.

A spokesman for the actor confirmed to People that he will only play until the end of the seventh season.

The actor returned to filming in early March, after spending a period in a rehab clinic.

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