Canon shows a staggering 120 MP sensor

Canon has defied every rule or evolving trend and jumped to this amazing value, while the high end, currently marketed cameras by Japanese company is a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV with 16 MP resolution.

It’s true they have a 21 MP DSLR (EOS-1D Mark III), but the practical results and the facilities provided by it are less than those of the Mark IV.

Besides the impressive value, we can’t say much about these 120 MP. What would you do with a picture of 3,280 x 9,184 pixels? And if you find something to do with it, where would you save it? Likely you’ll be forced to buy an extra bag to store many CF memory cards.

About the video, its sensor will never compete with those used on professional cameras used in Hollywood. The limit will be a full HD 1080p and will use only 1/60 of the physical size of the sensor which, incidentally, isn’t a 2 x Full-Frame nor a 35mm Full-Frame, but is only 29,2 x 20 mm.

It’s remarcable how Canon managed to cram so many pixels there, but until we see the practical results, we remain cautious on this subject.

The Japanese haven’t announced a date of production and years could pass before a final product will appear equipped with such a sensor.