Sharp is working on a 3D mobile phone

Those from Sharp announced that they will launch a smartphone that will not require 3D glasses.

Moreover, the gadget could take pictures, but also movies in three-dimensional.

3D phone attempts were already made before. Last year, specialists from Hitachi launched a prototype, a gadget like, but only in Japan.

Sharp says the new 3D mobile phone will be launched worldwide.

The first 3D phone screen by Samsung

The phone is called the SCH-W960 3D AMOLED.

It comes with a AMOLED touchscreen type measuring 3.2 inches and has a WQVGA resolution, a 3.2MP camera, HSDPA support, Bluetooth and microSD slot and also a TV tuner.

However, it seems that the 3D screen doesn’t require the use of glasses.

It has a hardware on / off button of the 3D effect, an effect that, once activated, is visible with naked eye.

We do not know how good is this effect on a phone screen without using glasses.

Bad news is that the SCH-W960, the first 3D mobile phone screen, will be sold only in Korea.

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Avatar is a creativity source for other 3D projects

“This is the first week we are not thinking about ‘Avatar’,” Landau told reporters at a conference sponsored by the Israeli technology firm Matrix a week after the movie lost out to the Iraq war drama “The Hurt Locker” for best picture and director at the Oscars.

“We are talking about an ‘Avatar’ sequel as well as a small love story called ‘The Dive’ and a movie called ‘Fantastic Voyage’.”

It seems that the two planned one more project called “Battle Angel Alita”based on a Japanese novel set in the future and centering on a young female cyborg’s quest for self-discovery.

“We always said if the movie (Avatar) was successful we would do an ‘Avatar 2’ but we have to find the right story. Jim Cameron has done sequels before … He will only do one if he believes it will be as good as the first,” said Landau.

The movie had sales around the world summing $2.6 billion, “Avatar” eclipsing Cameron’s Oscar-winning blockbuster “Titanic”, also produced by Landau.
Nevertheless, producer Landau says that he isn’t disappointed that “Avatar,” which won three Oscars in technical categories, failed to net the major prizes.

“We made ‘Avatar’ to communicate to the masses, not to please 6,000 Academy members,” he said.

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The Hurt Locker producer, Nicolas Chartier will be absent from Oscars this year

American Film Academy announced Tuesday that it has taken this decision against the French producer Nicolas Chartier, because he violated the voting rules for determining winners of the prestigious statuettes, which prohibit e-mails to promote a film by denigrating another one.

Nicolas Chartier has sent the members of the Academy of American films, in late February, an e-mail asking them to vote for the film “The Hurt Locker” and not a movie “which had a budget of 500 million dollars “- an apparent reference to SF 3D feature film” Avatar “. Nicolas Chartier has subsequently requested an apology for the error that he made.

The 82nd Academy Awards Gala will take place Sunday, March 7, at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.

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Michael Jackson awarded postmortem at Grammy Awards

Some of the most famous voices will reunite on stage, at the end of this month, to perform next to Michael Jackson, revived by last generation technology, the well-known song “Earth Song”.

The event will take place on January 31, at Grammy Awards, and the chosen song should have been part of the British mega concert of Michael’s comeback.

“It was one of the most important moments of Michael’s show, and when Michael was the clip for the first time, he burst into tears”, said Ken Ehrlich, the co-producer of gala and also the star’s friend.

Therefore, Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Smokey Robinson and Usher will perform the famous song accompanied with Michael’s voice and a 3D projection of some images that will be played in world premiere.

According to Ehrlich. Michael saw for the first time the images with only a few days before he died.

The film has an powerful message, underlining the destructive influence that humans have upon animals and nature.

Within the ceremony, the organizers will award Michael Jackson, postmortem, for his entire music activity.

Michael Jackson

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