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Are Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston in love with each other?

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, of which a part of the U.S. press continues to say that they have a secret relationship, have spent together, in late January, two days in a desert where they performed a set of photos for the following number of W magazine, inform popeater.com.

The two actors have been paired at the recent Golden Globes gala and more and more voices say that their presence at the ceremony would be due to advertising reasons.

“The studio asked them to present together a Golden Globe award and forced them to sit on two close chairs to seek the gala, hoping thereby to promote their next movie, “The Bounty Hunter ‘ “, said one of Butler’s friends.

“Although Gerry (Gerard Butler) likes Jen (Jennifer Aniston), they have not a romantic relationship”. “Immediately after the Golden Globes Gala, Gerry hardly wait to take goodbye from her and go to more parties, and Jen, who never was the party girl type, she went home alone”, added the same source.

Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli engaged?

Leo has a weakness for Bar Refaeli and may people would like to see them married happily ever after.

Recently rumors about the couple’s engagement started from a weekend they spent together in Germany.

Moreover, the couple’s romantic weekend combined with celebrating Valentine’s Day invented this untrue rumor about the two.

Bar and Leo, who come with his mother, participated at an organized dinner event for “Cinema for Peace 2010”.

The presence of DiCaprio in the German capital is due to promoting his recent movie called “Shutter Island”, at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The actor said that he hasn’t any plan to get married in the near future, and Bar Refaeli is now focused on her career.

Image source: eonline.com

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in Los Cabos celebrating

The first rumors that appear about the two actors were on Golden Globe Awards, when they posed so happy and apparently they shared some kisses.

This was only the beginning. It seemed that during January, the rumor became a love story.

Recently, Jen went in Mexico to celebrate her 41 anniversary with her good friends Courtney Cox and her husband David Arquette, but also with Gerard Butler!

Gerard couldn’t refuse Jennifer’s invitation and be certainly like to repeat the kissing scene from „The Bounty Hunter”, only this time will be real, under the beautiful sun in Los Cabos.