Al Gore and his family not attending Chelsea Clinton’s wedding

According to recent reports Gore has no plans in attending the wedding of Clinton’s daughter. “The Gores are not attending the wedding,” family spokeswoman Kalee Kreider said in a statement. “They both wish Chelsea well, believe she is a wonderful young woman, and they share in the family’s excitement.”

Molly Hagerty said about Gore that he is a “pervert and sexual predator”. “Al Gore is a pervert and sexual predator,” she told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “He’s not what people think he is — he’s a sick man! “I want justice served.”

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Al Gore, accused of sexual abuse – reopened case

Police made the announcement today regarding the allegation in 2006 but gave no other information about the case. Molly Hagerty, made the public accusations in National Enquirer, claiming that Al Gore sexually abused her in his hotel room.

The investigation comes less than a month after Al Gore and his wife, Tipper Gore announced their separation. Former Vice President Al Gore is separated from his wife after 40 years of marriage. They both wanted that relatives and friends to be first to know, so they sent an email to all, where they say they strongly analyzed the situation, before deciding.

Al and Tipper said they split in agreement and they will not make further comments on this topic. Former U.S. vice president has four children with his wife Tipper, as well as three grandchildren.

Aged 62, Al Gore was the right hand of President Bill Clinton for eight years. After finishing his term of office, Gore got the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaign against global warming.

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Elizabeth Edwards on Larry King Live about Resilience and more

John Edwards is already a walking disgrace, having cheated on his cancer-stricken wife with Rielle Hunter, knocking up his weird mistress, trying to cover the scandal up, and lying about it repeatedly while running for President of the United States.

The story of his affair and love child with Rielle Hunter were ignored, dismissed, and ignored again until finally being vindicated by mainstream media.

The significance of the story, the New York Times notes, is the fact that Democratic Party came dangerously close to nominating this man for the presidency.

This would have been a disgrace of unparalleled proportions.

Elizabeth Edwards talked with Larry King about a short memoir titled “Resilience”, about her marriage, about John’s affair and about her fight with cancer.

Elizabeth writes that she did not learn her husband had lied about the extend of his affair until more than a year later.

When she learned of her husband’s infidelity, “I cried and screamed, I went to the bathroom and threw up,” but “John has his own life now”.

Regarding John and Rielle Hunter daughter, named Frances Quinn Hunter, Elizabeth said that she is open on meeting her and John’s relationship with Frances, as she loves children very much. “I think she seems like a really nice child”, Elizabeth said.

Also, asked about Al Gore’s separation, “it makes me sad I found about the both of them”.

Talking about her fight with cancer, Elizabeth Edwards told Larry King that “I try really not to focus on what the end is going to look like” and advices anyone who is in this unfortunate position “as long as you’re not dead now, you’re alive and you have to fight for it”.

Busted: Gore Blamed for Failure to Kill Bin Laden by Bogus e-mail

Some interesting news was find out when White House emails “missing” were retrieved from Bush administration records. This reveals that top Bush Justice Department officials circulated a memo falsely connecting Al Gore with Osama bin Laden. The apocryphal Osama-Al Gore-Oliver North story was forwarded internally to administration personnel by Deputy Chief of Staff and Justice Counselor, David M.Israelite.

Millions of emails from the previous White House administration disappeared despite rules for preserving presidential records. This email, spreading a false rumor, has not been reported before by the records.

The Justice counselor forwarded the fictional story to colleagues in Attorney Gen. John Ashcroft‘s office on Jan. 23, 2002. With punch titles like “For you historians” and “Do you remember?” it describes a 1987 video clip from Col. Oliver North’s congressional testimony in the Iran-Contra hearings. One anonymous narrative  — which first emerged in Nov. 2001 and has managed to survive repeated debunking – states that North warned US senators about Osama bin Laden but was ridiculed and shut down by then-Sen. Al Gore.

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