Martin Scorsese sued by Starr Investment Advisors

Oscar-winning director was sued yesterday for not paying the amount of US $600,000 which represents money from broadcasting rights and other services that would have belonged to his financial adviser, Kenneth Starr, currently in prison, Reuters announced.

Starr Investment Advisors managed the money of filmmaker Martin Scorsese from 2006 to 2010, but the famous director has not paid to this company taxes summing 5% of the income earned, according to the complaint filed in the Supreme Court of New York.

Starr, aged 66, is accused of stealing 59 million dollars from several US celebrities accounts, among those being deceived are important names such as Martin Scorsese, Uma Thurman, Al Pacino and others. Kenneth Starr has been accused of fraudulent appropriation of funds.

Starr’s company, which was placed in the enforcement regime, has given over 700 million dollars from 200 wealthy people.

Now, prosecutors are trying to recover most of the money owed by Starr Investment.

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Al Pacino will play King Lear’s role

Al Pacino worked together with Radford on the film “The Merchant of Venice” in 2004, when he was still in the leading role playing Shylock.

At the moment, the names from the film’s distribution aren’t yet known. The filming from “King Lear” is scheduled to start in October this year.

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