Cameron Diaz moving in with Alex Rodriguez?

The actress, rumored to have a relationship with Rodriguez since April, has recently made several statements in which she hinted that the athlete would be her “lover”.

According to a source “While having lunch at Morandi restaurant in New York on August 19, Cameron was calling A-Rod her boyfriend. “They’re decorating his place in Miami together; now it can be a place the two of them think of as their home.”

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez avoided being photographed together, but some sources have seen them having dinner at some famous restaurants in New York.

The same source said that the athlete would have such an effect on the actress, that she “looking better than ever” and has an “in-love glow”.

Cameron Diaz, 38, said earlier this year that her youthful appearance was due to “lots of sex”.

She said: “I don’t want to look 25 again. The fountain of youth for me, let’s see. I guess it’s exercise, healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex – yes, sex, we need that as human beings. It’s healthy, it’s natural, it’s what we are here to do!”

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Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz, really dating?

Rumors say that their relationship has developed into much more:”A-Rod’s with Cameron. They’ve been keeping it quiet, but they’re totally together.”

Rumors also say that when the photographers weren’t around, “they were all over each other at the CAA party,” says an onlooker. “Cameron had her hands all over Alex’s back.”

“They were dancing together. They also left the party together that night. Alex recently arranged to fly Cameron to Miami. He used to fly Kate Hudson there all the time, and no one knew that they were dating for a long time. Alex is very discreet.”

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Rumors say Madonna broke up Jesus for former lover Alex Rodriguez

She seems to live her second youth next to model Jesus Luz, but Madonna shocks again. Recent rumors say the singer left her “sexual toy” for an ex lover. And this boyfriend is none other than Alex Rodriguez, aka A-Rod.

Rumors say the diva and the baseball player, have always kept a close relationship, especially last month, after his brake up with Kate Hudson.

Another rumor say Madonna said about Jesus, 24 he is “sticky and boring”, and her relationship with A-Rod already have a history, when the singer run into his arms after her divorce of Guy Ritchie.

Nevertheless, the two never admitted they were lovers, and rumors say it’s Alex’s fault for this aspect.

“Alex was concerned of what negative stuff might bring a possible relationship with Madonna on his reputation. On the other hand, she was delighted when Alex slip into her New York apartment.

How the new love story will evolve only time will tell.