Jennifer Lopez banned her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, to audition on American Idol

The singer seemed to have a nice attitude towards her fans and also from Fox staff even if reports said that her future demands would be huge.

Rumors say that her former husband, Ojani Noa, might be on the show but the singer declared: ‘I was like, “Listen, it’ll be gone tomorrow. Don’t worry about it. I was just looking forward to getting started.”

An American Idol insider told RadarOnline: “Jennifer told Fox to make sure that the screeners at the auditions would not let Ojani anywhere near the auditions.

“Fox made it clear he was not welcome and that he could be arrested if he showed up so he dropped the plan at the last minute.

“It was a shame because all he wanted to do was to showcase his voice and show people that he can really sing too.”

The source added: “Whenever Ojani tries to do something Jennifer just tries to block it any way that she can – nobody really knows what she’s so paranoid about.”

Regarding J. Lo’s diva demands, Nigel Lythoe even joked about it: “We heard that she only likes yellow M&Ms,” he said. “I’m thinking, ‘Who’s going to pick them all out for her?'”

It seems that the singer signed a contract estimated at $12 million and not a $15 million as rumors said.

“I can tell you from the Fox standpoint, the deal was not tough. There were no diva demands. It was a really easy, comfortable deal with both parties.”

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Crystal Bowersox and Brian Walker announced their engagement

It seems that her rep officially announced the two wants to get married in October.

Crystal, 25, will be married for the first time in her life even if she has a baby boy named Tony from a past relation.

The singer is currently preparing to record new songs for first album as her career gets bigger and bigger.

Bowersox was one of the two finalists of American Idol but the people voted Lee DeWyze as the winner of the contest.

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Jennifer Lopez had no diva demands on judging American Idol

The American Idol new judge said: “After as many years as I’ve been in this business, I’m used to that kind of stuff. I’m used to speculation.”

The singer/actress revealed how she tried to calm down the Fox staff after so many negative headlines appeared about her being on the show.

“I was calming the FOX people down. I was like, ‘Listen, it’ll be gone tomorrow. Once they hear who we are and what we’re doing, it’s going to be fine. Don’t worry about it.’ I was just looking forward to getting started.”

It seems that even executive producer Nigel Lythgoe made fun of this situation by saying in a recent interview: “I said to Jennifer today, we heard that she only likes yellow M&Ms,” he said. “I’m thinking, ‘Who’s going to pick them all out for her?’ She said, ‘No, where did that come from?'”

Nevertheless, Mike Darnell, head of alternative programming on FOX revealed some details about the negotiation process they had with Lopez: “I can tell you from the Fox standpoint, the deal was not tough. There were no diva demands. It was a really easy, comfortable deal with both parties.”

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Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger to judge American X Factor

“At the moment you are going to see me doing one show next year – and not one in England. I have a contract for this year and that is it,” Simon told The Sun.

“I am going to sit it out for a few more weeks before I make a final decision. And it has to be fun. The minute it stops being fun, bye bye.”

Meanwhile, X Factor will debut on Fox in early 2011 and The New York Post has announced that Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole will join the judge panel of the 2011 US singing competition.

While everyone watches – for now – on the American Idol, with Simon Cowell leading next year’s Fox show, we’re pretty sure that X factor will draw everyone’s attention.

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Jennifer Lopez – $12 million American Idol judge

Other reports say the singer failed in negotiating a much more amount of money, meaning $15 million and a movie.

A source said: “She was angling for an overall deal at Fox, including a put picture, to keep the movie career going. But Fox said, ‘No’. In the old days, these were called a ‘vanity deal’ for good reason. They simply don’t exist today. Will Smith doesn’t have put pictures.”

Moreover, as sources tell, the singer seemed to agreed with the sum and signed a contract that stipulates a $12 million annually.

“I think it was just positioning. In the end, she didn’t turn up her nose up at $12 million. I would have been very surprised if she had walked away… She lives very, very well. It comes at a cost.”

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American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi is leaving the show

The singer’s close people revealed how frustrated she felt recently due to speculations about her leaving the show and being replaced by Stephen Tyler or Jennifer Lopez.

Kara has been a judge for two years, and she wanted to make public her opinion about the recent rumors.

“I felt like I won the lottery when I joined ‘American Idol’ two years ago, but I feel like now is the best time to leave ‘Idol,'” she said. “I am very proud to have been associated with ‘American Idol’ – it has truly been an amazing experience. I am grateful to FOX, FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment, as well as the cast, crew and contestants, for all they have given to me. I look forward to my next challenge, and want to thank everyone who has supported me. All the best to everyone on Season 10!”

On the other hand, singer Jennifer Lopez is in final negotiation to join the show, and Tyler is officially in, informs the sources.

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Are American Idol bosses decided to auto-tune the songs from the show?

On the other hand, the show’s bosses denied these rumors.

“We have never, nor would we ever, use auto-tuning during the American Idol competition,” producers said.

“American Idol viewers can attest that contestants have been regularly scolded for ‘pitchiness’,” the statement added.

Nevertheless, bosses revealed that they indeed use auto-tune in post-production but only after fans complained about it.

Bristol Palin to join “Dancing With the Stars”

Miss Palin, 19, would debut on the 11th season of “Dancing with the Stars” which is set to premiere on September 20 on ABC.

Palin, 19, would follow in the reality TV footsteps of her former fiance, Levi Johnston, whose small-screen adventure involves running for political office in Alaska.

Moreover, there were no comments on the presence of Bristol Palin on the show or not, the line up being officially announced next Monday, informs the network.

It’s important to mention that “Dancing with the Stars” was the second-biggest show on TV last season, behind “American Idol,” averaging about 20 million viewers.

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American Idol apparently hunts without a bait

But none of them have decided or accepted. Just yet. What do they have in common? Steve Tyler’s latest reaction – show me the money!

They negociate, they talk, call each other and they apparently ask too much. But one question rises: Are the execs of American Idol so greedy? Or are the stars expectations – in terms of cash – just too big?

As TMZ found out, Steven Tyler is playing a little bit of hardball with “American Idol” execs – saying they better “lay out the bread” if they want him to come on board.

Less than two weeks ago, the Aerosmith singer said “I’m doing it” when asked if he was gonna be on “Idol.” But yesterday in New York, he seemed to be playing coy when asked whether or not he was going to take the gig.

Another superstar may still end up on the judging panel for season 10 of FOX’s American Idol. Shania Twain has long been at the top of the network’s list, according to a source close to the singer.

“They’ve been after her ever since she was a mentor on the show last season,” the source says. “And they haven’t given up.”

Twain stepped in for the Chicago auditions and “everyone thought she was a great addition to the judges’ table,” a show source said at the time. She also mentored the contestants in April.

Her name came up – along with other celebs, including Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Chris Isaak and Harry Connick Jr. – as a possible permanent judge after Simon Cowell announced his departure last year.

“Shania’s a huge fan of the show and she had a great time as a mentor,” the source says.

Asked whether she’ll join the show, Twain’s rep had no comment.

FOX has no comment except to note that no judges have been confirmed yet for the show.

Fantasia Barrino could be sued by the wife of her lover due to affair allegations

Fantasia’s attorney declared: “women can sue women for stealing husbands.”

Gena Graham Morris also said: “heartbalm torts … where a wife can sue a third party for having a relationship with her husband“.

“The heartbalm torts arise out of the notion that women were once property that could be stolen like televisions. It is a comical irony that in 2010 women can sue women for stealing husbands.”

Fantasia’s attorney also added that in case her client gets sued, she will make everything to “vigorously defend” her.

“For the sake of everybody involved I hope [Fantasia] is not sued because she did not break up the Cooks’ marriage”, said the attorney.

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