Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse will sing together

“It’s been agreed that GaGa will go to London in September just before her European tour to help Winehouse with the new album, her first release since 2006,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “Lady GaGa sees Amy as a kindred spirit — the British bad girl and the American bad girl!”

Here is what Gaga thinks about Amy Winehouse: “Amy is a real artist. I get frustrated when I tour so much that my voice is messed up,” she said last year.
“But I always say to myself that I watch performances from Amy where I swear she didn’t hit a note, and she was shot and shot deep on something, but I can’t take my eyes off that beautiful girl. There’s something about her that’s so honest.

“That was what the Seventies and Eighties were about, and what women were about then, and that’s why legends were created. It wasn’t about manicures.
“When I’m on stage I genuinely black out. Or when I’m on daytime TV I can’t believe women are sitting at home, knitting, and watching me, because I look genuinely certifiable.”

Amy Winehouse + Usher =future song?

“Amy personally called Usher after asking her people to get his number,” a source close to the British diva told UK tabloid the Daily Star.

“He was shocked to hear some Cockney girl chatting away but finally believed it was Amy when she sang for him.

“Amy wants to release a song with him and her god-daughter Dionne is desperate for the pair to perform together.”

Others rumors say that Amy has put on “at least half a stone” in the hope it’ll help her get pregnant.

“Amy’s looking so much better because she’s been off drugs for a good six months,” a source said last month.

“She used to survive on sweets, ice cream and crisps, but she’s been stocking up on vegetables and fresh produce so that she can do some cooking and hopefully get pregnant.

“Her biggest addiction now is probably shopping for designer shoes. She’s also visiting the gym.

“Blake’s spent five months clean because he’s had no choice, but they were such a bad influence on each other in the past that everyone’s wondering whether it’s too soon to bring a baby into their lives.”

Amy Winehouse will remarry Blake Fielder-Civil

British singer Amy Winehouse will remarry in February with Blake Fielder-Civil, her ex-husband, on island St. Lucia in Caribbean where they spent a long holiday last year.
Amy Winehouse second marriage with Blake Fielder-Civil will be celebrated in a very restricted circle, in February, as soon as her ex husband will finish rehab program in a British clinic of drug addiction.

According to rumors, at this ceremony won’t participate Amy’s parents due to the fact they always disproved this relationship with Blake.
Rumors say that Amy,26 years old, told a friend that :”Everything is working fine with Blake. As soon he will be able to leave country and after this rehab program will finish, we’ll get marry”.
Winehouse recent album, called “Back To Black”, sold in over 10 mil. Copies and awarded with five Grammy, debuted three years ago. Still, after its debut, Amy was fighting with health issues and also with alcohol and drugs addiction.

Musical producer Blake Fielder-Civil, 31 years old, announced January 2009 he intents to file for divorce due to an affair committed by his wife.
The couple married Miami in May 2007, and had a outrageous marriage, which ended with Blake Fielder-Civil sent in jail in 2008 for assaulting a person in a bar and law obstruction. Divorce between Amy and Blake ended in July 2009.