Oprah Winfrey pays all-inclusive for her entire live audience

Due to her 25th and final season, the show host decided to offer an all-expenses-paid eight-day trip to Australia.

It seems that her audience had 300 people that were so happy thanks to Winfrey’s gift.

“I started to think about where would I most want to go. Maybe I should take all of you with me to the other side of the world …
We’re going to Australia! We are going to Australia! You and you and you and you, are going to Australia!” she said.

Moreover, Winfrey, her staff and the audience people are set to go in Australia, Sydney this December where Oprah will has a special edition of her show.

In the past Oprah also made important gifts to her staff and audience: a new car, and Apple iPads and $10,000 checks, school scholarships, money for homes, and financed a school for girls in South Africa.

Image source: dearbloggery.com