Mark Papermaster fired by Apple due to iPhone 4 technical problems

Papermaster worked at Apple since 2008 after a 25-year career at IBM who sued him to prevent even to work for Apple, citing a clause in the contract stated he cannot work for competition.

Subsequently, the two sides reached a settlement. Apple spokesman, Steve Dowling, confirmed Papermaster departure and indicated that his position will be taken by Bob Mansfield, vice president of Macintosh hardware segment.

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Apple iPhone 3GS had huge sales

In short, Steve Jobs’s people have made lots and lots of money.

But more interesting are figures relating to iPhone sales.

In the second fiscal quarter of the year, Apple has sold no less than 8.75 million copies of iPhone.

Compared with the 3.79 million sold during the same period last year, the American company grew 130% strict on this segment.

Overall, from the launch moment of the first version of the iPhone, were sold 51.15 million copies.