Cheryl Cole’s letters to Ashley was stolen

The singer is so terrified that all her secrets will be made public without her permission.

According to a source, “Cheryl’s written lots of stuff to Ashley over time, while she was touring with Girls Aloud and on the other side of the world with work commitments.

“Their paths didn’t cross as much as they would have liked so they tried their best to be romantic in other ways. Notes, little poems and letters were a big form of Cheryl’s communication and this could all be published soon.

“There are lots of secrets that no one knows a thing about.”

The singer revealed her feelings about her divorce from the sportsman.

“Yes, definitely I do. But I’ve got to take everything that’s happened and learn from it. I accept that that’s a chapter of my life that’s finished.

“I’ve just got to be grateful that I’ve got so many good things going on. I have. And there’s no children, you know?

“Some people’s lives fall apart, are turned upside down. Of course it’s heartbreaking, but it’s not anything remotely like it could have been and I’m very, very thankful for that.”

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Cheryl Cole for British Vogue: “I’m a woman, not a girl any more”

She married Ashley in 2006 but after allegations of multiple infidelities surfaced, their union fell apart and was granted a quickie divorce in London’s High Court last week.

“I’ve just got to be grateful that I’ve got so many good things going on. I have. And there’s no children you know?”

However she surely wants to have babies: “That’s definitely something I want to achieve. It’s the toughest job in the world – but I know it must be the most rewarding too. I’m ready now. I’m 27. I’m a woman, not a girl any more. Thinking about yourself constantly isn’t so healthy.”

“I suppose that’s the point of having children, isn’t it? Being able to live your life through them instead of you, having them be your motivation? That’s the ‘right’ thing, I’m thinking – when you love someone more than you love yourself. That’s what I think about my mum.”

Some of the latest rumors say she is rumored to become a judge alongside Simon Cowell in the American version of X Factor, scheduled to debut on FOX in fall 2011.


Cheryl Cole’s marriage to Ashley was over in less than a minute

Cheryl Cole split from her husband in late February because his numerous affairs.

According to legal documents, the judge decided to dissolve the four years marriage under the “unreasonable behavior” reason.

The official documents show that the two signed as “CAC v AC” in order to avoid public eyes.

The singer and the sports man have to face a six-week “cooling off period” until their divorce will be finalized.

The singer, 27, is rumored to be dating Derek Hough, while she is still recovering from malaria.

The sportsman, 29, currently continues to train for the match against Bulgaria.

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Cheryl Cole incredibly beautiful after weeks of fighting with malaria

It seems that her love has wings again.The man who brought back her happiness is Derek Hough. The two lovers are currently in Los Angeles.

Even if they have been spotted only together so far, behold, the beautiful singer took advantage of a moment of solitude to go shopping by herself.

Dressed in shorts, showing her beautiful legs and a checked shirt, Cheryl Cole broke some hearts along the way.

However, her mysterious smile seemed to say: “The seat is already taken.”

Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s relationship tossing: Ashley’s new nude photos

It seems there are also some pictures of him, sent this time to a blonde secretary, also accompanied by messages.

It seems that the player talked to the woman by SMS for two months, back in October 2008. In one message, Ashley wrote: “We both have things to lose, but I trust more in you. And I would not show anyone. I beg you to keep this just between us. Delete all messages”.

Rumors say that Ashley asked the women to send more explicit pictures of her and instead he did the same.

Meanwhile, Cheryl’s mother and the girls in the band Girls Aloud urge to leave Ashley.

With a broken heart by the new betrayal of her husband, the singer tries to realize which way to proceed. Many people say that the only thing that remains to be doe is their divorce.

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