Samantha Miller says Lee Ryan assaulted her while they were still together

But the assault charge against the singer has been dropped after Miller withdrawn it. The assault is believed to happen in a car in central London although Lee denied attacking Samantha.

Nevertheless, the two split last week even if they have a two year old son. Therefore, prosecutor Laura Tams asked for the charge to be officially withdrawn.

She said: “I have this morning been handed a withdrawal statement dated 25 August, signed by Samantha Miller. Had this matter been contested, it would have been fought tooth and nail.

Having taken further instructions there is no longer a realistic prospect of conviction. I ask the court therefore to withdraw the charge.”

Ronnie Wood assaulted by his girlfriend

Wood, who no longer drunk alcohol after discharged in January, argued with his girlfriend due to fact she found him consuming alcohol again last week.

Ana Araujo, aged 30, reacted violently, destroying two pictures of the guitarist and wounding his mouth.

“He began to call her names when Ann began to criticize and she broke it. Two of his paintings, which he intended to sell it are now destroyed after being ripped into pieces,” says the source.