Audi A7 finally revealed (PHOTOS)

Although Audi has tried to keep the secrets about the new Audi A7 Sportback until this evening, when the official presentation is scheduled, the German sites were able to seize the first images of the new model.

The new Audi A7 keeps many elements present on the Sportback Concept, the prototype introduced at the Auto Show in Detroit in 2009.
The informations about the new model are still limited, they will be presented this evening, but German media announced that the production model will have a 3.0 TFSI engine which develops around 300 hp.

It is also possible that the new Audi A7 will have a 3.0 TDI, but also the new V8 diesel currently installed on Audi A8.

Image source: Automarket

Audi to launch the new A7

Audi will unveil on Monday, July 26, the long awaited A7. The ceremony will be held at Pinakothek der Moderne art museum in Munich. Audi A7 has been specially created to give customers the sporty coupe elegance combined with the refinement of a luxury limousine.

The new A7 will become the direct competitor of Mercedes CLS and will offer a new and innovative technologies that will be taken later by its younger brother, A6.
This presentation can be watched on the Germans Facebook page.

Paris Motor Show 2010: Premiers

Paris Motor Show is fast approaching and the car manufacturers put on the starting line the most exciting new models or concepts. This year, Paris Motor Show will take place from 2-17 octombre and manufacturers’ stands will be arranged in Porte de Versailles. Given that they play at home, French car manufacturers will come with the most spectacular premiers.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin stand will be full of news. The British builder most likely will come to Paris with its DB9 model. The British supercar received a very delicate facelift, not long ago.


In Audi’s stand, the audience at the Paris Motor Show will be able to admire the new A7. This Coupe sedan will become the first rival for Mercedes CLS.


BMW will come to Paris together with its new X3 generation. After six years since its launch, the Bavarian compact SUV has a new design, much more attractive. Also, in their stand is likely to get acquainted with the long-awaited Megacity concept.


The Bugatti will come to Paris Motor Show with their new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The new version of the Veyron was able to enter the Guinness Book, reaching speeds of 431 km/h. This car is equipped with a 1,200 horsepower engine and 1500 Nm.


Like they did at Geneva Motor Show, this year, Chevrolet will also present the Aveo RS concept at Paris Motor Show.


Citroen’s stand will certainly be one of the most admired. French will present to the public its new generation of C4, but only the version with five doors. Also, the French manufacturer will make us aware of their DS4.


Ford officials will bring with them the new Mondeo facelift. The retouched version of the Mondeo offers customers a range of technological elements that were missing on the present model.

Land Rover

In the Land Rover stand, the audience at the Porte de Versailles will be able to admire the new Range Rover Evoque. The new British model is the smallest, lightest and most environmental Land Rover car created so far, and will be launched on the market with the anniversary of 40 years of the company.


Lotus will be among the stars of the Parisian Motor Show, their stand will host the Esprit supercar concept. Besides that it is possible to see a GT roadster and two concepts.


Mercedes will present in Paris the new CL facelift and also the new CLS. The new CL-Class comes with a front look more aggressive and with a new propellant. Twin-turbo V8 unit produces 429 hp and develops a torque of 699 Nm.


The British manufacturer’s stand will host the new Mini facelift. The first information and pictures were presented in June, but its changes are minor, both externally and internally.


The tenth generation of the Opel Astra has received a release for a family, and the Paris Motor Show is the perfect place to display it. For the first time, Astra’s station wagon version drop its Caravan denominations for the name Sports Tourer.


Another car manufacturer who will play at home is Peugeot. French will showcase the new 508, mid-size sedan that will replace the old 407. French brand fans will get a surprise and officials are wishing to present the long awaited Peugeot 308 GTI.


Renault’s stand will be at high agitation because the French will present DeZir concept, an electric prototype that has a fascinating design and a 150 horsepower propeller with a range of 160 kilometers. Also, the French will come accompanied by the electric version of Fluence.


The Smart will be present at the Paris Motor Show with a restyled version of its Fortwo. The actual Smart Fortwo will leave the current car market until 2013, when it will be replaced by the new generation developed in collaboration with Renault and this facelift aims freshening this generation.


Suzuki from Japan will be accompanied at the Porte de Versailles, by the new generation of urban model Swift. The third generation of the Swift comes with a design slightly retouched with new, somewhat larger sized engines.


If Geneva was introduced to the Volvo S60, Paris will see the V60. The wagon version of its S60 received the title of Sports Wagon to emphasize the sport allure.

Image source: Automarket

Porsche sues Nissan due to an advertisement in England

The aggressive advertising style, promoted especially by German brands in the United States are not operating under the same parameters in Europe. Once Nissan has kicked off an aggressive campaign against German manufacturers in Britain, Porsche rises and threatens the Japanese before the court because the banner ad for the Nissan in London and at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood include Porsche logo without their consent.

Nissan campaign is based on a “list” of victories that Nissan had at Nurburgring with BMW, Audi and Porsche. The list of the defeated models is not displayed, but their number is noted on the door of their sports model, 370Z and GT-R. Curiously, Porsche didn’t attacked the “list” created by informal duels, but the use without rights on those banners, gathered in the campaign named “How to beat the Germans.”

“The problem is that they used Porsche logo without rights. The logo is owned by Porsche and we are not give the right to use to any company without our permission”, say Porsche officials, who confirms that they have no problem with the campaign’s subject. “I have examined in detail what Nissan communicate, but we don’t have a problem with it,” says Andrea Baker, Director of Porsche UK PR office.

Image source: Automarket

Audi could launch the RS3 later this year and the new TT in 2014

Some rumors announced that Audi will launch the new generation of RS3 in autumn, this year. The model will be A3’s flagship and will develop 340hp from a 2.5 liter engine with five-cylinder turbocharged. The unit should be taken directly from the TT-RS and provide over 70 horsepower more than S3, the most powerful version of A3. According to this rumor, the new RS3 will make its appearance this year at the Paris Motor Show.

Audi RS3 is just one of the future models lined up by the Ingolstadt manufacturer. Thus, there are still plans for a compact roadster named R4, A1 new engine versions, including a hybrid and a successor to the A2. A2’s successor has been confirmed by Audi, so chances are R4 to enter the market in the coming years. However, a zero-emission version of the R8 could go into production in 2012, which means that the production version of R8 e-throne who will run the 24 hours race (Le Mans) will be available to customers.

TT’s successor will begin in 2014. It would represent the third generation of this model and will start in a coupe version. Subsequently, Audi will develop a convertible version of the third generation of the TT, as they have done until now for this model. The first information about this model suggests that its doors will be the same size as those used by the current generation, and chassis and engines will be similar to those used by the future R4.

Missed demonstration in Brussels for Audi A1

After Volvo S60’s failure in front of the Swedish journalists called to attend a safety demonstration to mark the new model, Audi enters the manufacturers’ select gallery whose demonstration ends badly.

Audi organized a demonstration in Brussels, intended to emphasize the high dynamic of the newest model of the Ingolstadt brand.

The German subcompact’s handling should have been demonstrated on a circuit that ends on a halfpipe, a trail that bikers and skaters make their numbers.

Well, the car could not resist on a little more daring attempt of the pilot, leaving the Audi A1 with the wheels upside down.

Although the Audi officials tried to cover quickly the driver’s “Work”, the failure was immortalized and published on the Internet.



Image source: Automarket

Audi A9 Hybrid Concept

As we presented before, here you can see the Audi A9 Hybrid Concept, made by the spanish designer Daniel Garcia.

He imagined an Audi model which should stand up for the Porche Panamera niche. Daniel Garcia was inspired by the style and shapes of the buildings made by the spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

The windshield and the top are made of one piece and the material used to make them is yet to be discovered.

Thanks to this material the windshield and the top are selfrepairing and the color together with its opacity can be automaticaly adjusted.

Also, the body color can be easly changed with the push of a button.

The powertrain of the concept designed by Daniel Garcia uses a propellant with internal combustion and four electric engines. The electric thrusters are fitted one on each wheel.

Alfa Romeo accuses Audi to falsify Audi A3’s technical numbers

The Alfa Romeo boss, Harald Wester, accused in a recent interview that Audi’s data emissions related to its models are fake.

Asked which is the reason the Alfa Romeo Giulietta fails in what concerns the emissions while the Audi A3 1.6 TDI doesn’t (99 grams CO 2 / km), Wester said: “these figures are miraculous, magical and alien. We must be more serious about these long-term numbers,” concluded Harald Wester, who was named as president of Alfa Romeo at the beginning of this year.

According to technical data provided by Alfa Romeo, the most organic version of Giulietta is equipped with a1.6 JTDM engine of 105 hp with Start & Stop, which consumes 4.4 litres/100 km in mixed mode environment and emits 114 grams CO 2 / km.

For the Audi A3 1.6 engine of 105 HP with Start & Stop, the data provided by the German manufacturer shows an 3.16 liters in a medium mixed consumption, the emissions being of 99 grams CO2/km.