Oprah Winfrey pays all-inclusive for her entire live audience

Due to her 25th and final season, the show host decided to offer an all-expenses-paid eight-day trip to Australia.

It seems that her audience had 300 people that were so happy thanks to Winfrey’s gift.

“I started to think about where would I most want to go. Maybe I should take all of you with me to the other side of the world …
We’re going to Australia! We are going to Australia! You and you and you and you, are going to Australia!” she said.

Moreover, Winfrey, her staff and the audience people are set to go in Australia, Sydney this December where Oprah will has a special edition of her show.

In the past Oprah also made important gifts to her staff and audience: a new car, and Apple iPads and $10,000 checks, school scholarships, money for homes, and financed a school for girls in South Africa.

Image source: dearbloggery.com

Whitney Houston embarrassed herself during a concert

Whitney Houston embarrassed herself on stage in Brisbane, where she began to gang although she sang only two songs.

The audience left early from concert, being disappointed, while organizers tried to defend Whitney, stating that she is going through a difficult period.

The artist began his tour in Australia recently, where she dared to walk for the first time since 1988.

Shortly after she climbed on stage, Whitney was exhausted and had no breath.

She once sold over 170 million albums, but now she is a wreck, and doctors did not give more than five years to live, if not to give up drugs and alcohol.

The singer’s fame disappeared in the 90s, when she became addicted to cocaine. Recently, Whitney Houston was found unconscious, a sign that shows she’s not fully recovered in order to re-launch in music, after a break of seven years.


Kylie Minogue spent Christmas in Spain

Singer Kylie Minogue went to Barcelona to spend Christmas with future in-laws, the family of boyfriend Andres Velencoso, which lives in Costa Brava.

This choice was a difficult one for Kylie because her parents stay in Australia.

The couple reached to a compromise : they stayed one week in Sydney, with Kylie’s family before flying to Spain on Christmas, to celebrate holydays with Andres family, his father and his sisters. This is not the first time when the singer meets Velencoso’s family, they met last June, when they gave a helping hand for the bar which they have in Tossa del Mar.

Besides that, rumor say that last week, the two lovers stayed in Melbourne with Kylie’s sister, Danii Minogue, and her boyfriend, Kris Smith.


Australia preferred by Apple?

The rumor has it that Apple has approached some media companies to produce content for their new gadget. According to The Sydney Morning Herald:
“Apple has sent specifications of the device to Australian media companies in an effort to sound out whether they would be interested in delivering their content to the tablet. None would speak about the device on the record.
Apple going to newspapers to tell them about their latest device, and force them to keep the secret – isn’t it a bit hard to swallow? Their device “larger than iPhone” would fit well with some apps and games and then with news.
Apple devices are always good news, so I’m sure that as soon as the tablet device is ready, the whole world will find out, and not just Australia.


Image source: techcrunch.com