James Cameron’s Avatar is a copy-paste?

A Chinese is accusing James Cameron that he plagiarized one of his books to build the Avatar’s script. A Beijing court will examine the complaint lodged by Zhou Shaomou.

According to him, the plot of “Avatar” is similar to a novel which he published in 1997, entitled “Legend raven blue”.

The film’s official site says that James Cameron has started to develop the script 15 years ago, before China’s Zhou Shaomou novel.

Besides the “Avatar” May Zhou seeks justice against 20th Century Fox Corporation, two Chinese distributors and the cinema where he saw the movie.

However, James Cameron is currently working on “Avatar 2. As proof, we got the trailer.


Avatar is a creativity source for other 3D projects

“This is the first week we are not thinking about ‘Avatar’,” Landau told reporters at a conference sponsored by the Israeli technology firm Matrix a week after the movie lost out to the Iraq war drama “The Hurt Locker” for best picture and director at the Oscars.

“We are talking about an ‘Avatar’ sequel as well as a small love story called ‘The Dive’ and a movie called ‘Fantastic Voyage’.”

It seems that the two planned one more project called “Battle Angel Alita”based on a Japanese novel set in the future and centering on a young female cyborg’s quest for self-discovery.

“We always said if the movie (Avatar) was successful we would do an ‘Avatar 2’ but we have to find the right story. Jim Cameron has done sequels before … He will only do one if he believes it will be as good as the first,” said Landau.

The movie had sales around the world summing $2.6 billion, “Avatar” eclipsing Cameron’s Oscar-winning blockbuster “Titanic”, also produced by Landau.
Nevertheless, producer Landau says that he isn’t disappointed that “Avatar,” which won three Oscars in technical categories, failed to net the major prizes.

“We made ‘Avatar’ to communicate to the masses, not to please 6,000 Academy members,” he said.

Image source: iwatchstuff.com

The Hurt Locker producer, Nicolas Chartier will be absent from Oscars this year

American Film Academy announced Tuesday that it has taken this decision against the French producer Nicolas Chartier, because he violated the voting rules for determining winners of the prestigious statuettes, which prohibit e-mails to promote a film by denigrating another one.

Nicolas Chartier has sent the members of the Academy of American films, in late February, an e-mail asking them to vote for the film “The Hurt Locker” and not a movie “which had a budget of 500 million dollars “- an apparent reference to SF 3D feature film” Avatar “. Nicolas Chartier has subsequently requested an apology for the error that he made.

The 82nd Academy Awards Gala will take place Sunday, March 7, at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.

Image source: abc.net.au

Scandal in the week before the 82nd edition of the Academy Awards Gala

It seems that the two films, which received nine nominations each, are side by side in race for winning prestigious awards, even if the odds seems to tilt in large part for film “The Hurt Locker, directed by Kathryn Bigelow .

But an unexpected event has affected the countdown before the Oscars Gala, which will take place Sunday evening at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, the legendary district of American cinema, located in the north-west of Los Angeles.

By a message sent by e-mail, Frenchman Nicolas Chartier, one of the Voltage directors production company that produced “The Hurt Locker”, asked the members to vote in favor for a “independent film” and not for a “feature that had cost 500 million dollars”.

This obvious reference to “Avatar” , the film with a big-budget directed by James Cameron, has created much excitement in Hollywood so that the Oscars Gala organizers formally prohibiting aggressive campaigns of candidates.

The American Film Academy, which organized the ceremony of the famous statuettes since 1929, declined to comment on this incident before to expire the term for voting, scheduled for Tuesday, at 5p.m.

Image source: abc.net.au

Avatar was dethroned by Dear John

Director of drama “Dear John” ,Lasse Hallström, had grossed 32.4 million dollars in the first three days of release, while “Avatar” has managed to raise 23.6 million dollars.

Currently, “Dear John” takes its deserved place in top to dissatisfaction of millions of fans of Pandora residents.

“Dear John” has in distribution actors like Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. The film is inspired by the novels “The Notebook” and “A Walk to remember” by Nicholas Sparks. The film presents the love between a soldier in leave, John Tyree, and Savannah, the student (Amanda Seyfried).



Linda Hamilton and James Cameron divorced because Cameron is a workaholic

Recently, Cameron’s ex-wife, Linda Hamilton reveals that Cameron’s devotion to his craft is the reason their marriage broke up.

“Titanic was the mistress he left me for,” Hamilton, 53, says of the director’s 1997 epic, which went on to win the Academy Award for best picture that year.

The actress’ statement contradicts rumors that her husband’s affair with ‘Titanic’ star Suzy Amis (his current wife) was the reason they split.

Moreover, this suggests that Cameron’s four previous marriages may have suffered the same fate.

“He was the kind of man who really would rather be at work with the mistress than at home with the wife,” Hamilton declared.

Nevertheless, Cameron was married to filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow, whose film “The Hurt Locker” is a favorite to win the Oscar for best director over ‘Avatar.’ While Cameron’s sci-fi feature is the flashier contender, Bigelow’s film has been credited with rewriting the Iraq war genre.

Linda Hamilton and Cameron married in 1997, six years after he divorced Bigelow and they divorced in 1999, when Linda received a titanic $50 million from the settlement.

Ford utilizes the technology from AVATAR movie

This type of technology was used to create movies like Avatar, Lord of the Rings or Shrek, and Ford is the only car manufacturer that uses this system.

“Like in the movies we apply humans a large number of sensors in order to understand the interaction between man and vehicle,” said Gary Strumolo, manager of Ford. “After data is collected, we create virtual people who are used to realize a large number of tests that will help us understand how people of different body dimensions interact with different types of machines. It is an effective way to create future cars, the Ford official completed.

Moreover, the system used by U.S. manufacturer called Human Occupant Package Simulator (HOPS) and software for image capture combined with a particular test vehicle. “The comfort or discomfort are inherently subjective measures,” said Nanxin Wang, head of Ford Engineering. “A car can be comfortable for some while others may find the opposite. Our challenge is to find the reason why people feel good or not in the car and change their design” completed Nanxin Wang.

“Before we have HOPS system, the only way we could evaluate the design of cars was to ask people to get into it and tell us how they feel. This was too much time consuming. Now we can group these subjective data with objective measurements taken using the HOPS ” concluded Nanxin Wang.