Sandra Bullock and Jesse James to get back together only for the sake of the kids

On the other hand, sources say Jesse has no change to get back with Sandra. “The only reason Sandy gave the green light to Jesse’s move to Austin is because she wants to maintain a relationship with his children,” the source said.

Bullock “loves those children but she has absolutely no intention of getting back together with Jesse, ever.” “She wanted the divorce done quickly, so she could move on with her life.”

Besides, Sandra has an important role in Sunny’s life, Jesse James daughter, and will continue to have due to her love and dedication for Jesse’s kids. Currently, the actress is focused on raising her adopted son Louis, and having an active role in her step-children’s lives – for all their sakes.

“Sandy is civil to Jesse for the sake of the children, that’s it,” the source said. “If there were no children, Sandy would have nothing to do with him, period.”

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Are Larry King and Shawn Southwick back together?

Does this troubled marriage have chances to be saved?

Rumors say that Shawn Southwick, who accuses Larry King of cheating with Shannon Engemann, her sister, remains open to patching things up.

Even if Shannon Engemannhas denied doing King, Shawn herself is accused of having an affair with their two kids’ Little League coach Hector Penate.

It seems that they agreed to meet together with a marriage counselor on Monday.

On the other hand, even is neither side has withdrawn divorce papers, the marriage is kaput.

“Their whole marriage is one big spat. They’re both drama queens. They break up to make up.”

“Shawn has been important in keeping Larry alive. She helped him lose weight and quit smoking.”

Justin Timberlake splits from Jessica Biel to get back together with Cameron Diaz?

They formed a couple since 2007 and during the past few months they were more apart than together. Therefore, instead of giving things another chance, they split.

“Justin truly thought he’d found the one in Jessica and she felt the same,” a source told Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper.

“But the ­relationship just didn’t seem to go anywhere. They’ve both been working incredibly hard and will remain friendly — but there’s no more romance.

“It was mutual and they agreed it was best to part ways if things weren’t going to head towards marriage and kids. They are both incredibly busy.

“They both knew things were going to end for ages — it was just a matter of when.

“Jessica was hanging out with a guy in New York a couple of weeks ago and she was letting her hair down.

“He says he’s enjoyed some hot snogging sessions with her — but nothing more yet. She’s clearly not with Justin anymore.”

On the other hand, other rumors say that Justin and Cameron Diaz might get back together. The two have been flirting on the set of their new movie Bad Teacher.

“Their chemistry is incredible,” a source said earlier this week. “Cameron was craving a high-energy comedy and sexual sparks, and she’s definitely getting that with Justin! She positively glows when she’s around him.”

Are Elin Nordegren Woods and Tiger Woods back together ?

According to a source “Elin knows Tiger has issues and is afraid to go near him romantically. They are the divorced married couple”.

“Because of the children and his need to return to golf, she’ll try to live in the house with a wall between them,” adds the source, also confirmed by other sites.

“The marriage is smoke and mirrors, but Elin Woods will help Tiger rebuild his image and gain new sponsorships because this is what his life is about,” the source states. “She is doing this more for the kids and holding the family together.”

According to rumors, Woods will not return to golf until he is once again at the top of his game, which he isn’t, having been away from his daily routine for so long.

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Lewis Hamilton is back to “Pussycat” Nicole! Is he planning a wedding?

They tried to find happiness in the arms of other partners, but it seems that didn’t work since they decided to get back together.

Nicole and Lewis were seen in tender hypostasis, shopping in Hollywood. Rumors say the couple would have done some wedding plans.

Nicole was asked by a seller if she wants something in particular. Nicole said: “This year I need a wedding dress”.

A while ago, Lewis and Nicole took their farewell after two years of relationship. The reason seemed to be their tiring and stressful careers.

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Madonna and Guy Ritchie back together?

It seems that the former couple’s son, Rocco 9 years old, and David Banda, 4 years old, wants their parents to get back together and they also want a settled home life especially due to Madonna’s split from Jesus Luz.

“Both Guy and Madonna hated the way it all ended,” said a source close to the pair.

“They adore their children above all else and, now they’ve had time to cool off, they’re listening to what the kids have to say.”

Lourdes – Madge’s 13-year-old daughter by her former fitness trainer Carlos Leon — also wishes her mom to get back with Ritchie.

“The kids see their mom’s split from Jesus as an opportunity for their parents to reunite so they can all be one big happy family,” dished the insider.

“All divorced couples face this kind of dilemma and all kids want to reunite separated parents. But in this case it just might work”.

“Madonna really loves being a home-body when she gets the chance and Guy too places great store on having a close-knit family”.

“They’re both still smarting from their divorce wounds”.

“But Madonna, especially, regrets losing Guy. It’s possible she is ready to make compromises.”

Nevertheless, the singer and Guy divorced in October 2008 after 8-years of marriage.

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Jennifer Aniston advises Brad to leave Angelina

Lately rumors say Jennifer Aniston told Brad Pitt that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him until he leaves Angelina.

“Brad longs for the serenity and fun he had in his life when he was with Jen and he can’t wait to get back together with her,” a source said.

“Jen’s made it clear she’s not interested in talking to Brad until Angelina’s out of his life. That gives more incentive to walk away from Angelina now”.

Rumors also say that Jen is worried about Brad Pitt’s appearance, due to the fact that he looks like a ‘walking corpse’.

The source added: “Jennifer says Brad’s aged by about 20 years. It’s obvious that stress and drinking is to blame for his physical deterioration. Jen believes he’ll fall apart if he doesn’t get away from Angelina soon.”

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married for five years but they divorce in 2005 after Brad left her for Angelina. Brad and Angie are together since 2005 and raised six children, three of them adopted and three of their own.