Oksana Grigorieva to launch the offensive

With the help of her new lawyers, Martin Garbus and Daniel Horowitz, Oksana will file a lawsuit against Mel Gibson, the father of Lucia, for all of the above.

Garbus and Horowitz will serve her reps in connection with the domestic violence investigation against Gibson and the extortion probe against Oksana.

Moreover, they will also argue that Gibson is unlawfully blocking the release of her music.

As for the civil battery case against Gibson, who Oksana says hit her in the face and threatened her life, sources say the plan is to file it by the end of 2010.

An additional aid is given by Violet Kowal who also says she has tapes of her own to prove that she was railing Mel while Oksana was pregnant.

Toyota hurries up the developing process for the future battery generation

This section is especially made for hybrid battery and electric cars. Therefore, Toyota staff hopes to obtain a set of batteries much more performance until launching Prius Plug-in Hybrid in 2012. Unlike the current Prius, his plug-in version is equipped with a set of batteries lithium-ion, which offers high performance, but much more expensive.

Except its high performance and bigger capacity, the lithium-ion batteries have a longer lifetime and also a bigger endurance on download/upload cycles
Although we can expect that the new batteries will use lithium-ion technology, Koei Saga, one of the staff members did not want to comment upon the launching date of these batteries or the technology they use.

Koei Saga said Toyota is taking into consideration the possibility of signing a contract with a bigger batteries producer so that they grow Prius production and other models which use this type of part. For now, Toyota staff uses batteries develop next to Panasonic Japanese, company to which Toyota has shares.


Image source: Automarket