Liam Gallagher wants to make a movie about Oasis

Gallagher who launched a film production company earlier this year to make a movie about Apple Records, the label founded by The Beatles in 1968, was asked if he has a similar project regarding his former band, Oasis.

“Yes, undoubtedly. Very soon”, said Gallagher, adding that he wants to collect his memories before he forgets them.

Liam and Noel Gallagher had a fight in the summer of 2009, and Noel left the band shortly before a concert which the group should have played in Paris, saying he can no longer work with his brother Liam.

Later, Liam Gallagher on May 25 announced its new group name, Beady Eye, which includes Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock, his former colleagues from Oasis.

In the same time, the British singer announced he will record with his newly formed band, a new and original song, the first after the Oasis era.

Oasis was formed in Manchester, United Kingdom, in 1991, and it was originally called The Rain. The band became successful after the release of “Definitely Maybe” in 1994, in a growing era of the British pop. Oasis sold over 60 million albums worldwide, had eight No. 1’s in the UK charts and won 15 NME Awards, five Brit Awards, nine Q Awards and four MTV Europe Music Awards.


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