Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins lead singer, fainted on stage

During the concert held at Ritz Ybor Hall, in Tampa, singer Billy Corgan seemed very dizzy, and while interpreting “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”, a Smashing Pumpkins hit from 1995, he tripped and fell on stage.

“That wasn’t a stage move or clumsiness. That was me blacking out and wiping out” explained Billy Corgan in a message posted on Twitter. “I have no memory of falling against the drum riser and my guitar cabinet, but I can tell you I’ve got quite a good bruise [and] am moving slow,” added the singer.

Smashing Pumpkins has another scheduled concert Friday evening at Valarium town hall, Knoxville (Tennessee).

Smashing Pumpkins announced that they will have a benefit concert for Matthew Leone, bassist of Madina Lake, who suffered a severe head injury after he intervened to calm one marital dispute.

Founded in 1987, Smashing Pumpkins has seen success in the mid 90s, with albums “Siamese Dream” (1993) and “Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness” (1995).

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Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan – One happy couple?


Some say it’s a lot more than just lust, and it looks like their crush developed into something much deeper.

A source says that “She has fallen hard and is smitten,” adding that both she and 42-year-old Billy consider themselves “officially dating.

“We haven’t got any official statement from them, but another source close to Jess says her friends are not exactly ok with this rumored hookup.

The source added “He’s just another in an endless string of Jessica’s boyfriends,” and “no one takes her boyfriends seriously.”