Oksana Grigorieva black eye photo is “absurd”

The fact that the picture appeared this week is doubtful. According to sources, the idea that Oksana held back the photo with her black eye on purpose during the mediation in May is “absurd.”

A source says, “She produced photos of her mouth showing the damage to her veneers, she testified in great detail about the January 6 incident.” “If she had a black eye she would have said it.”

Is she exaggerating the attack and manufacturing the evidence? That seems to happen at first sight, says a TMZ source.

Inside sources, said her financial situation is not exactly happy, Oksana “held every piece of damaging evidence” over Mel Gibson’s head and that is what produced a $15 million settlement.

The $15 million agreement, however, was rejected by Oksana due to a clause saying that Mel should have 80% custody over Lucia. A source said, “If there was a black eye it would have been $16 million.”

The sources note something else: there was a confidentiality agreement in the settlement so it would have been pointless for Oksana to hold anything back because it could never be used again.

None of the doctors Oksana visited immediately after the incident haven’t seen the bruise around her eye. Oksana’s dentist didn’t mentioned anything that Oksana had a black eye. Two days later, her pediatrician also didn’t notice this.

However, this doesn’t proves that Mel is innocent, and no matter what happened, he really needs special assistance. On the other hand we doubt some of her accusations.

Image source: parismatch.com