Will.i.am is against the release of Michael Jackson’s postmortem album

The Black Eyed Peas singer is against this decision and believes that this album should not ever occur, although he was a fan.

“I do not think this album should be released. This is a bad thing. Michael was a perfectionist and he would not have liked it. How can you release an album of Michael Jackson when he isn’t here to bless it?” said the artist.

Will.i.am has worked with Michael to re-lunch the album “Thriller” in 2008.

He then saw how Michael liked to put his mark on everything he did and get out every thing as he wanted: perfect. And this purpose is also the statement of Black Eyed Peas singer.

“Given that he isn’t part of this great process, why they keep want to release the album? He was my friend, but I guess this means disrespect to Michael Jackson and his work,” added the singer.

Is Fergie preparing to leave Black Eyed Peas?

Moreover, it seems the Fergie can’t tolerate Will.I.Am anymore and the tension in the band. Besides, this will also affect the 2011 tour that the band was suppose to make.

“Fergie is saying she wants out of the band and the second half of the tour isn’t confirmed for early next year,” a source said. “Things have gotten really bad with Will.i.Am. And it’s not just Fergie who is clashing with him. So is the rest of the band. His ego is out of control.

“Fergie just wants to get away from the whole thing. “I don’t know if she’ll admit or deny it when it leaks out, but I do know that it’s 100 percent true, she’s got everything planned out and she says she can’t be convinced to change her mind.

“And she really wants a baby with Josh. Between that and the bad blood with Will, it looks like the 2011 tour is in big trouble and she’s saying she’s going to split for good.”

Image source: mixtapemaestro.net