David Beckham and Victoria Beckham want more children

The famous couple have three boys already: Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 5. Talking about their children’s personalities David Beckham says: “Every day the kids say something funny. Brooklyn doesn’t say much. Cruz will talk the whole day. Romeo the same but Brooklyn says hardly anything. He’s starting to notice girls, typical teenager.”

David also admitted Victoria would not be happy if their sons followed in his tattooed footsteps. “My youngest (five-year-old Cruz) had tattoos all over his arms when I came home from the World Cup, thankfully not real,” he said.

“Romeo said he’s going to have Mummy and Daddy on his arm. I’m not sure Victoria will like that too much!” The former England captain, who has several inkings on his body, would like to have more but has to limit himself because of Victoria and his mum Sandra, he said in an online Yahoo interview.

“I have restricted them to my arms and back – my wife doesn’t like to touch my chest,” he said before clarifying: “I mean, she does but doesn’t want me to get tattoos there.”

He added: “Each one has a meaning. My favourites are probably my boys’ names on my back and my wife’s name on my arm. I do have room, maybe I’ll have more but my mum will kill me.”

Image source: gossipcenter.com