Prince William didn’t succeed to blow into a vuvuzela

The child who gave the vuvuzela insisted that Prince William to blow it. “I can’t blow it. OK, I will give it a go.”

After blowing the vuvuzela the Prince said: “There you go – embarrassed myself again – it’s all good.”

It seems that Prince William and also Prince Henry were in Botswana, following to attend England’s match with Algeria which will be held Friday at 21.30 pm, in Cape Town.

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Soundproof stadium for the World Cup 2010

The stadium has a capacity of 69,070 seats, you can realize what will be there.The sound isolation was made with a transparent roof made up of 9,000 glass panels, arranged in a circle above the seats.

 To reflect the sound inside the stadium, from the panels have been caught some Teflon nets and fiberglass.The roof will not only help create a unique atmosphere, but also will protect the spectators from the unpredictable weather phenomena: rain, strong wind, even storms.

The roof’s shape is concave and diverts the wind around the stadium.

Image source: Gizmodo