Nicolas Cage took magic mushrooms with his cat Lewis

“I had a bag of mushrooms in my refrigerator. My cat used to sneak into the refrigerator and eat them.”

“The cat ate them voraciously, so I thought what the heck, I better do it with him. I remember lying on my bed for hours and Lewis was on the desk across my bed and we just stared at each other for hours – not moving, just staring at each other, and I had no doubt that he was my brother.”

Nicolas Cage, aged 46 years, however, said clearly that these things happened in the past and is currently having a healthy lifestyle.

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Oscar, the bionic cat

This cat’s legs had been amputated by a harvester combine, while he was sleeping. The surgery lasted 3 hours, and the veterinarians have inserted the cat new ankles.

The implants attached to these bones were covered with a hydroxyapatite calcium, a substance that helps bone cells to grow and then weld by the metal. The skin helps preventing potential infections. Currently, Oscar is able to walk and jump like any other cat.