Cheryl Cole returns to The X-Factor

Moreover, the good news is that she will return to The X-Factor this week. “Cheryl loves the show and is desperate to get back to work,” says a friend. “She’s under doctors’ orders to that it easy. But it’s a big step that she’s back on board.”

Cheryl will return for the British version of American Idol in time for the elimination stage and Simon is eager to have her back. A source revealed: “She has put all her energy into getting better and it’s paid off. Simon has told her he can’t wait to have her back.”

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Cheryl Cole hospitalized with malaria

Cheryl Cole has been hospitalized, after she got malaria during a trip to Tanzania.

Cheryl fainted during a photo session Saturday afternoon, but doctors initially believed that it happened because of the physical exhaustion.

Superstar friends say that Cheryl’s health deteriorated rapidly in the next day and started to sweat and tremble. Doctors did tests and she was urgently taken to a hospital.

Monday results have confirmed that she suffers from malaria and now she will spend several days in hospital, to be followed by weeks of recovery. If malaria is not treated quickly, like the case of Cheryl Cole, it may have serious, sometimes fatal effects.

The star and her doctors believe that Cheryl got ill with the infectious disease after she was pitted by a mosquito while on holiday in Tanzania last month.

Cheryl Cole visited the African country with Derek Hough, who held that vacation as a surprise gift for the singer. There are rumors that the two would actually form a couple.

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Cheryl Cole humiliated her husband at Brit Awards 2010

Cheryl Cole showed on Tuesday night, at the Brit Awards gala, hosted by Earls Court Exhibition Center in London.

Event dropped so better for the brunette. Aware being that she will be pursued by photographers, the Englishwoman has found the perfect revenge on her husband Ashley: banal, without words and painful.

What is it? Well, it’s simple: she got off her ring, showing the world not only that divorce is imminent, but this is unforgiving. And, to be sure the message was understood, she surrounded herself on stage by an army of brawny dancers.


Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s relationship tossing: Ashley’s new nude photos

It seems there are also some pictures of him, sent this time to a blonde secretary, also accompanied by messages.

It seems that the player talked to the woman by SMS for two months, back in October 2008. In one message, Ashley wrote: “We both have things to lose, but I trust more in you. And I would not show anyone. I beg you to keep this just between us. Delete all messages”.

Rumors say that Ashley asked the women to send more explicit pictures of her and instead he did the same.

Meanwhile, Cheryl’s mother and the girls in the band Girls Aloud urge to leave Ashley.

With a broken heart by the new betrayal of her husband, the singer tries to realize which way to proceed. Many people say that the only thing that remains to be doe is their divorce.

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Has X Factor already chosen a winner?

The X Factor is an UK show which was designed as a replacement for Pop Idol. The shows are produced by Executive Producer Simon Cowell and his Syco TV company. The contest takes place in some countries, and brings to light potential talents. The UK version is “responsible” for discovering talents like: Shayne Ward, Leona Lewis, Leon Jackson, Alexandra Burke, and JLS. The concept is designed by Simon Cowell and the prize consists of recording contract, plus advertising for the winner.

Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Danii Minogue, and Louis Walsh are the judges in the current season.

lucie-jones-x-factor-2009I’ve watched this season from its start and I was quite disappointed when Lucie Jones was eliminated in favor of the Jedward twins. I can’t say that Lucie Jones was my favorite, but she was way better than the twins, who had nothing to do with singing.

danyl-Johnson-x-factorMy favorite is Danyl Johnson, a young handsome professor, very talented, in fact way above any expectation. Even from the very first audition, Danyl managed to get the jury up, and even to impress Simon Cowell, a renowned music critic.

My second favorite is Stacey Solomon, with a magnet for the public, a strong personality and an exceptional voice. Danyl Johnson is by far the winner of this show, and soon will have the confirmation for that.

Rumor has it that this year’s edition of X Factor has already chosen a winner, and the winner is Danyl Johnson, regardless of the other contenders’ performances.

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