Leonardo DiCaprio has obtained a restraining order against his “wife”

Leonardo DiCaprio

Judge Carol Boas Goodson said on Wednesday on the restraining order against Livia Bistriceanu, 41 years in Chicago that the woman must stand at least 91.44 meters/100 yards away from the Leonardo, according to website tmz.com.

“Given this obsessive behavior and harassment, I’m scared of misses Bistriceanu and I feel that my personal safety and also of those around me, is in danger,” wrote Leonardo DiCaprio, in its request to the Superior Court of Los region Angeles, cited by huffingtonpost.com.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s request to the court included also statements from the actor and his security team, according to which Livia Bistriceanu traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles at least twice, trying to meet him at his home and his office. She refused to leave the properties and behaved aggressively.

The actor said: Livia Bistriceanu “clearly wanted to have physical contact with me, regardless of consequences.”

DiCaprio said that he has never met with Bistriceanu Livia, but she has sent numerous letters written by hand. Some letters were attached to the application for the restraining order made by the actor.

Image source: ecodiario.eleconomista.es