$1 million advent calendar by Porsche Design

After they launched their fall-winter 2010-2011 fashion collection, a clothing line which includes several leather jackets and lots of accessories, Porsche Design announced they’ve just launched an exclusive $1 million calendar.

Of course, it’s not the usual 12 months paper calendar, it is made out of polished aluminum, is 1.75 meters tall and will be produced in only five copies. One for each continent.

The holder of such a timetable will get a special surprise every day, from December 1st to December 24th. Each day has its own dedicated box, which can be accessed only in that day and has a special gift that could vary from golden sun glasses, writing tools or Bounce S2 snickers.

On December 24th, the calendar will open its last box, revealing the last gift. It could be a P6910 watch, a P7340 Porsche Design kitchen or a RFF28 yacht.

Usually, an advent calendar is a box with 24 little chocolates with a story underneath. But Porsche Design went further with this tradition, replacing the chocolate with luxury items.

Actor Charlie Sheen rumored to divorce after the incident on Christmas day

Actor Charlie Sheen admitted to put a four-inch knife on his wife neck and threatened to kill her if she intended divorce, announced news.bbc.co.uk. Also Brooke Mueller Sheen called at midnight police and reported the incident, saying that she thought she will escape alive from fighting with her husband.

According to investigators, Charlie Sheen rushed to his wife bed and threatened he will cut her neck if she divorces. Moreover, the actor is rumored to tell his wife :” You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I’ll kill you… I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won’t leave any trace.”

Sheen denied the charges brought by his wife and said that both of them slapped each other over their arms and afterwards he broke his wife two pairs of glasses in front of her because he was mad concerning the divorce. “ I got very mad when she threatened with divorce because of previous experiences”, said Sheen. The actor also was arrested and then exempt after he paid 8.500 dollar bail.

All in all, Sheen and Brooke Mueller married in May 2008 and have two twin boys born in March this year.

Actor Charlie_Sheen_divorce_Christmas

Brad and Angelina’s Christmas Donation

The generous couple donated $100,000 to the American SOS Children’s Villages, an alternative foster care organization with locations in the U.S. in Illinois and Florida.

“We have seen firsthand the remarkable job SOS does to raised orphaned and abandoned children and keep families together,” Jolie, 34, said in a statement. “No one “ages out” of an SOS Village. Vocational training, advanced education, living assistance and more support are there forever.”

Moreover, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages USA, Heather Paul, thanked the Jolie-Pitts for their generosity and said they were longtime supporters of the organization. “We are deeply grateful that this year they have included in their generosity our villages in Illinois and Florida and our 300 children who call SOS ‘home,’ ” she said in a statement. “In this holiday season, many of us take for granted that we are surrounded by loving family members. The poor outcomes for foster children indicate that we must do a much better job of supporting them.”

To conclude with, SOS Children’s Villages is the largest nonprofit organization in the world solely dedicated to orphaned and abandoned children. There are 500 villages in 132 countries.

Kylie Minogue spent Christmas in Spain

Singer Kylie Minogue went to Barcelona to spend Christmas with future in-laws, the family of boyfriend Andres Velencoso, which lives in Costa Brava.

This choice was a difficult one for Kylie because her parents stay in Australia.

The couple reached to a compromise : they stayed one week in Sydney, with Kylie’s family before flying to Spain on Christmas, to celebrate holydays with Andres family, his father and his sisters. This is not the first time when the singer meets Velencoso’s family, they met last June, when they gave a helping hand for the bar which they have in Tossa del Mar.

Besides that, rumor say that last week, the two lovers stayed in Melbourne with Kylie’s sister, Danii Minogue, and her boyfriend, Kris Smith.


Charlie Sheen arrested on Christmas Day

The Wall Street star was arrested by Police on Friday morning after an emergency call from a house in the ski resort of Aspen, Colorado. An ambulance went to the house, but no-one was taken to hospital.
The star was suspected of assault, menacing and criminal mischief. He was released on $8,500 (£5,300) bail Friday night and was released from jail at 7 p.m. He is due in court on Feb. 8, 2010 at 10:30 a.m.
Judge James Boyd asked Charlie Sheen to stop any kind of contact with his wife until the case will be solved.
Rumor say that for now Charlie and his wife, Brooke Mueller, are planning to undergo marital counseling courses to try to get over this difficult time in their lives.
“They were fighting at a dinner in a friend’s house and it continued until the next morning,” rumor say. “Both of them were drinking and neither was supposed to be. They both have histories of alcohol abuse and have made every effort to stop. But things got out of hand.”
It is not the actor’s first brush with the law. He was arrested in 1996 for assaulting a woman, who claimed she had been knocked unconscious at his home. He was also the only star named as a client of “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss, testifying at her trial that he had paid her $50,000 for escorts.
Mr. Sheen ended up in hospital in 1998 following a drug overdose and checked into rehab on his release. Subsequently arrested for drinking and drug driving, he went back to rehab on doctor’s orders.
Mr. Sheen is the son of actor Martin Sheen and brother of actor-director Emilio Estevez. Charlie Sheen married in May 2008 to Brooke Mueller Sheen, a property investor who gave birth to the couple’s first children, twin boys, in March. Moreover, the star has proven one of US TV’s most popular sitcoms and made Charlie Sheen America’s highest paid TV star in 2008.


Image source: dailystab.com; babble.com

Brittany Murphy Funeral Planned For Christmas Eve

The funeral for the actress, who died at age 32 Sunday, is scheduled for Christmas Eve, and is said to be “strictly private”. Considering the rumors, so far,no public memorial has been announced.

While Brittany’s family is making sure no unexpected guests crash the funeral’ rumor say a security team will be in place at the ceremony later today but for now it’s unclear how many officers will be patrolling the area.

Moreover, on Tuesday confidential investigators notes revealed copious prescription drugs found by Murphy’s bedside and other details. At this point, we may know more from toxicology screenings about whether the various medications found in Murphy’s home contributed to her death or not.

The L.A. Coroner’s office released a statement later Tuesday night, chastising the leak: “it is the policy and practice of the Department of Coroner to only release detailed information in cases where the final cause of death has been determined and the case investigation has been completed and closed by the Deputy Medical Examiner.”


Christmas Gifts from Ferrari

This Christmas, Ferrari brings a special one-off Ferrari 599 to the public. When we say public, we mean those who have enough figures in their bank account.This piece of art was built by Ferrari and Pininfarina expressly for Edward Walson. Walson approached Ferrari last year to commission a modern interpretation of a one-off 330 LMB used in a Frederico Fellini film,.The P540 Superfast Aperta is an unusual mixture of styling cues: the front from 599, the rear, the grille inspired by 330 LMB, and the body line of a Maserati GT. Still, the powertrain of a 611-hp 6.0-liter V-12 mated to a six-speed F1-style sequential gearbox is unchanged from a “normal” 599 GTB.Walson said that, after 14 months of manufacturing, he has the most special Christmas present of his life.


Image source: automobilemag.com