Is Jennifer Aniston dating Lindsay Lohan’s ex: Harry Morton?

The Hard Rock Cafe heir, Pink Taco CEO and ex-boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan apparently had dinner last week, in the luxury Sunset Tower Hotel, in Hollywood, with Jennifer Aniston.

They were apparently flirting while dining and Jennifer was seen touching his arm several times.

Eyewitnesses say Aniston looked “a little nervous, putting her hair up in a loose bun and laughing at everything” the 29-year-old Harry Morton said.

Both Jennifer Aniston and Harry Morton denied or tried to avoid paparazzi in terms of ther recent relationships.

Jennifer Aniston, who’s recently been linked to John Mayer (again) discreetly slipped out the back under tight hotel security to avoid paparazzi.

Harry Morton tried to distance himself from Lindsay Lohan, due to her recent problems. He even went so far as to claim that he was never even dating Lindsay although there are many photos of them kissing and being intimate.

Jennifer Aniston and Christopher Gartin dating rumors

The two actors were photographed last week when they had dinner at Sunset Tower Hotel, Jen’s favorite one. When Gartin was asked if he has a romantic relationship with Aniston, he replayed: “No comment”!

On the other side, neither Jennifer seemed to want to talk about this due to fact that she tried to cover her face when the paparazzi photographed them leaving the hotel.

Moreover, rumors say that Jen’s best friend, Courteney Cox is the one that set them up.