Ford and Chrysler recalls 55,846 vehicles due to safety

Chrysler recalls 22,118 cars. Among the models are Dodge Nitro, Dodge Ram, Jeep Liberty and Jeep Wrangler 2010 version, due to possible malfunction of the braking, according to U.S. National Traffic Safety Administration.

At these models, the hose through which the breaking fluid flows, may crack and lose fluid.

Ford recalls about 33,728 Transit Connect, 2010 version, for replacement of the system which fix the ceiling material. The system does not meet the federal rules on head protection.

The two groups will notify the owners to bring in their cars for repair at the local dealers.

Chrysler PT Cruiser career came to an end

Ten years after its launch, the Chrysler PT Cruiser came to end its career. At the end of this week, the gates of the factory in Mexico, released the last copy of the iconic model. At its market launch in 2000, PT Cruiser was seen as a non-conformist model that combines the retro style with the modern one.

During the first years of existence it has enjoyed a high success, the American manufacturer couldn’t keep up with the orders received. The lack of interest shown by company’s officials made the PT Cruiser reach its fall. If Chrysler PT Cruiser, in its early career, was produced by 145,000 units annually, only 18,000 copies in 2009 left the factory gate in Mexico.

The inflated wings, oblique hood and high doors were the strengths of PT Cruiser. It was listed as a symbiosis between modern cars and the limousines from the 30s. Chrysler still has in stock 5700 copies of PT Cruiser and so far they manage to sell about 1,000 units monthly.

“Since Chrysler produced many PT Cruiser models, it certainly will not attract the attention of collectors”, said Dave Kinney, the author of a guide to classic cars.

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Dodge Caliber has the same issues that Toyota had several months ago

According to information published by Chrysler, the issues are identical to those of Toyota.

Chrysler has no knowledge of accidents, injuries or material damages caused by this potential problem.

Also, NHTSA has not yet announced any recall. Besides, the first tests showed that the problems refer only to cars produced in a window of just five weeks, between March and April 2006.

Chrysler announced it will closely work with NHTSA in order to resolve potential problems.

A special thing to notice is that Dodge Caliber’s pedals were produced by CTS Corp., the same supplier who produced all the pedals with problems for Toyota.

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Bob Lutz planned to leave General Motors

Bob Lutz, GM’s vice president, will retire from the company on May 1. Lutz will end a career of 47 years in automotive industry, during which he worked at GM, BMW, Chrysler and Ford.

This is not the first withdrawal of Bob Lutz from General Motors, Lutz giving up the American corporation also in February 2009, but returned shortly after the company got out of insolvency.

Bob Lutz is 78 years old and is responsible for the reinvention of GM products. He is considered to be as the “father” of Chevrolet Volt.

Lately, Bob Lutz was in charge of marketing and communication of the American company. Lutz is one of the most colorful characters of the global auto industry, known for his commentaries on global warming and other similar problems.

A few weeks ago, Bob Lutz said that the salaries of GM’s U.S. directors are very low, and according to rumors this might be an important factor in his departure from GM.

Moreover, some other sources say that Bob Lutz wants to retire or move to another corporation in the automotive world.

Until now, neither Bob Lutz, nor those from General Motors have made any official statement on the departure of the vice-president.

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Auto producers made donations for Haiti victims

Big auto manufacturers unite forces to aid Haiti’s earthquake victims. Toyota, Honda, Chrysler or Hyundai donated depending on their financial status.

Honda’s American division donated $300.00 and contributed with equipment for making the situation easier. Meanwhile, Toyota has proven to be the most generous of all auto producers and donated $500.000 to Red Cross, Save the Children and Doctors without borders, organizations which helped Haitians affected by the quake.

Next to Toyota and Honda there were other auto brands that offer their help. Hyundai donated $100.00 to Red Cross International Committee, while Nissan donated for this cause $50.000 on behalf of their staff and other $30.000 on behalf of North-American divisions and also Canadian and promised another $100.000 when situation will stabilized and the reconstructions works will begin.

Another amazing gesture was made by Chrysler executive president who has bid his own car during last Golden Globe edition. The car, a Chrysler 300C, was signed by over 300 celebrities participating on the event and will be sold for a price of €1million in an auction. The money will follow to be given to American Red Cross.

General Motors donated $100.00 and also made available a mini-site where employees can donate any amount of money.

Finally, the list was ended by Eaton, which donated $100.000 to American Red Cross.


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Chrysler will present S6 and S8 at Detroit auto show 2010

The Detroit Auto Show will host this year two new versions of well-known Chrysler 300C, the two versions are called 300S6 and 300S8.

The American manufacturer Chrysler announced the launch of versions S6 and S8 of the model 300C at the North American International Auto Show from Detroit. These versions are different from the basic model by its distinctive design and performance engines. Version S6 has a engine V6 of 3.5 liters which develops 250 horse power and has a fuel consumption of 9.41/100km on highway. S8 is animated by a huge V8 Hemi of 5.7 liters which has 360 horse power and a torque of 572 Nm.

In what concerns the design, both versions have chrome radiator frame grille, inside key black details in body-color, new headlights and rims polis of 20 inches. Both S6 as well as S8 have wheels with carbon inserts, red stitches and branches of the wheel from polis aluminum. Front seats are made from leather, embroidered with the logo 300S.

When S8 engine is coupled to the automatic gearbox Auto Stick, it has the same consumption as S6, despite performances and cylindrical capacity bigger. Both models have Kicker audio system with 13 speakers, iPod control and SIRIUS radio satellite.







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Rumors say Ferrari will share stand with Chrysler at 2010 Detroit Auto Show

Nowadays, high-end marques are usually on luxury row at the Detroit auto show. This year however, Fiat-owned Ferrari and Maserati will be nestled in alongside some of Fiat’s lesser brands like Dodge and Jeep.
Ferrari didn’t even make it to the Detroit auto show last year because of the economy in a slide. Since then, Chrysler came under Fiat’s control and as such, Fiat will use part of Chrysler’s floor space at the show to show off several of its other brands. This includes sandwiching Fiat’s two most exclusive brands, Ferrari and Maserati, in between the Dodge and Jeep brands.

Rumors say that Chrysler’s display at the Detroit auto show quieted down from its typical extravagance, which usually includes a Jeep waterfall, the inclusion of some of the most exotic sports cars in the world will undoubtedly help draw attention to the automaker.

Rumors also say that Fiat will show the 500 and a Lancia Delta hatchback will be there disguised as a Chrysler. Fiat’s 500 will be the first Italian product from the Chrysler-Fiat tie-up to make its way to the States late next year. Nevertheless, the Chrysler-badged Lancia Delta has not been confirmed for production. Oliver Francois, head of the Chrysler and Lancia brands, however, confirmed that Lancia will get a version of the Sebring sedan. He also said that all future products will be developed jointly for the two brands as they have similar target customers.




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