French clock inspired by Mercedes SLS AMG

SLS Mercedes supercar came to inspire even the watch makers. Stuttgart standard design served as inspiration for Cacheux Fabien, a French designer, who unveiled today his watch: Silver Arrow.

The exclusive Silver Arrow has a rubber bracelet, a titanium housing and an energy resource. The Mercedes logo is in place, built in the center pane.

Belt’s opening mechanism is similar to that used by the German supercar, the French designer’s muse.

Fabien Cacheaux hasn’t currently revealed any official price, the clock being only in a concept stage.

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Canon Wonder Camera or the DSLR in 20 years

Even if it has a DSLR dimensions, the lens are fixed and the buttons are missing. Almost all the functions are automatic and the way the camera takes the photos is different from what we are used to.

Canon Wonder Camera’s secret is all about the sensor. It has a high resolution in order to capture more specific details. Besides, the Wonder Camera doesn’t take photos, but it films continuously so that each frame can be extracted as a photo.

During the presentation, the Wonder Camera was connected to a module on the back of the hostess in order to show that it was necessary a huge store unit. It’s likely that in the future to be need hundreds of GB on a SD card.

Here is how the Wonder Camera works.


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Bombardier train without a runner

The board computer works as a pilot, but is not autonomous, it’s remotely operated and monitored continuously.

The wagons are equipped with a projector that displays on the glass several route information and various weather conditions.

In order to save energy, the lighting sources within are powered by solar panels mounted on the roof.

The smart concept belongs to Argentine Francisco Lupin and the new technology could easily be implemented in Japan since the Maglev concept is something known there.

The concept of future Opel is the new Opel Flextreme GT/E

Brand/Model/Version Opel Flextreme GT/E
Length (mm) 4762
Width (mm) 1871
Height (mm) 1308
Wheelbase (mm) 2900
Maximum power  (CP/rpm) 158
Maximum torque  (Nm/rpm) 370
Speed (Km/h) 201
1-100Km (s)
Fuel consumption
(litres/100 km)

Opel presented the first images of the concept before the debut from the Geneva Motor Show.

The model will use electric propulsion train of Volt and Ampere models and is described by the Opel staff as “a new type of GT”.

The concept prefigures both future Opel top model and the progress of the design language that has been expressed recently by Insignia and Astra models.

Also, the new concept shows the aerodynamic potential of some future models.

Flextreme has a very elegant line of the ceiling, which is willing to over 19 inches below the level of the same lines of the Insignia’s body, which helps drag a coefficient of 0.22.

The air resistance is significantly reduced through the “blades” located on both sides of the rear taillights, which are automatically driven at speed to keep air being attached to a body for a longer period of time, while it offers designers a additional visual flexibility in terms of posterior vehicle.

Although it is seven inches shorter than an Insignia, the Flextreme GT / E is an exterior design study that offers the same level of interior space and an Insignia.

This is achieved through the increased wheelbase to 2900 mm as 2735 mm over the Insignia. The batteries are placed in front of the rear wheel to get extra stability and a mass balance between decks.

Propulsion of the Opel Flextreme GT / E is realized by the electric engine of 158 hp and found also on the Ampera, which offers 366 Nm of torque from the first rotation.

The engine engages the front wheels, which have 21-inch wheels wrapped with 195/45 tires, all in an attempt to streamline this model.

For battery charging, Opel Flextreme uses an internal combustion engine of 1.4 liters and 70 hp, which increases the autonomy of this model at about 482 km, compared to 56 kilometers which can be realized on a full charge.

On the other hand, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is accomplished in about nine seconds, and top speed is 201 km / h.

Although the Opel staff said that the model is far from the production stage, they points out that the Flextreme has an important purpose in the development of future models of the manufacturer in Rüsselsheim.

IED and Tesla will bring the concept EYE at Geneva Showroom

Tesla is trying to capture the public in Geneva with a futuristic creation, a result of a collaboration with the European Institute of Design of Turin (IED). The concept which will be exhibited, during the event, was called Eye and tries to trace the lines of a sports car, the electric drive train, which can be used every day.

The prototype set by IED measures 4.3 meters long, 1.8 meters wide, 1.4 meters high and is characterized by a folding roof that can turn the compact coupe with four seats in a convertible with just two seats.

Created in collaboration with Tesla, the Eye concept is meant to be powered by an electric drive train.. The only reliable information is the position of the lithium-ion batteries under the back seat.

The IED stand in Geneva will host a concept called Pygmy, based on the Fiat Panda 4×4 and inspired by the agreement between the Italians and the Chrysler Group, and also a sports prototype named Libido, which executes in a futuristic way the excellence and sportsmanship values of Aston Martin.

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Russians created a design hypothesis of future Volga

The model is created by the brothers Bukin, two Russian designers who worked on other models GAS.

For now, this is just a proposal to design a future model GAZ, the Russian had no immediate intention to develop a production version of this concept, codenamed GL 5000.

For added resonance in the public mind, the two designers have used the name Volga.

In the version designed by the two brothers, GAS 5000 GL is equipped with a 3.2-liter engine that develops 296 hp, coupled to a six-speed manual transmission.

The motor engages all four wheels via a wheel drive system. Besides promising performance that announces this model, practical issues have not been forgotten, GAS GL 5000 has a five-door configuration, which allows opening of the fifth door a hatcback, and also in conventional mode as sedan.

This configuration is already on the Skoda Superb and BMW 5 Series GT.

It seems that there is an opportunity to get this model sometime in production, but the version which will be available on the market will not have too many elements in common with the model of the two images.

Most likely, Russia will abandon the all-wheel drive system and the modern design in favor of a classical approach and cheap, or will adapt as much as possible items made by the two designers, necessary to the production model and strict safety regulations and environment that need to comply as any car launched in the European Union.

Audi brings a new concept on Detroit 2010

Germans from Audi announced that they will present the new concept at the Detroit Showroom. Rumors say that that concept will underline the Audi motto values: “Vorsprung durch Technik”- meaning Progress through technology. It also exist the possibility that this concept will preview the future A3 or A6, but the officials did not made any statements.
Taking into consideration the next models that Audi will launch, the waited concept from Detroit will be bonded with future A3 and A6. There may be the possibility to bond with roadster-ul R4 or to crossover-ul entry level Q3, but the first image of the concept doesn’t look like any of the previous models compared. Moreover, according to A8 model debuted in Miami several weeks ago, and the A7 concept already presented, we may see the new A6 on Detroit showroom.
Audi staff will present also the new A8 at Detroit showroom. Rumors say that Audi will present the new technology because they said the model will show the Audi values, but for now is not clear how the new technology will look like or if the model will be put into production.


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