Aretha Franklin fell in her home, breaking two ribs

68 years old, American singer accuses abdominal pain and was advised by her doctor to do a complete analysis.

Aretha Franklin, who played last week with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, at a charity gala held in Philadelphia, had in her schedule two free concerts, in New York, early next week.

In a statement issued to The Detroit News, Aretha Franklin said she hopes to reschedule these concerts over several weeks. She is “very much looking forward to being in Brooklyn and having a foot-long hot dog at Coney Island”.

Franklin had been due to perform on Monday and Thursday next week and had also been scheduled to appear at a private birthday party.

Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz said he hoped the shows could be rescheduled “when she’s feeling better”.

“All of Brooklyn wishes Aretha Franklin a speedy recovery,” he said in a statement.

In 1987, Franklin became the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and last year she sang at the inauguration of US President Barack Obama.

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Condoleezza Rice and Aretha Franklin sang together at Philadelphia’s Mann Music Center

It seems that Condoleezza Rice entertained the audience next to Aretha with two of her hit songs at Philadelphia’s Mann Music Center, then playing a selection of Mozart musical pieces.

This event took place in order to raise money for urban children and awareness for music and the arts. In an interview Rice said: “We were just talking and chatting and she said ‘You play, don’t you?’ “And I said, ‘Yes.’ And she said we should do something together.”

Franklin said she had been surprised at how talented Rice was. “All I had seen of Dr Rice was in a political atmosphere. It just seemed foreign that she would be a classical pianist. “She really does play, she’s formidable.”

Rice played piano while Franklin sang I Say A Little Prayer and My Country ‘Tis of Thee.


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Aretha Franklin will sing with Condoleezza Rice

Aretha Franklin and Rice will play together on the stage of Mann Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, on July 27, at a charity concert. Funds raised will be donated for educational programs in the United States.

The press release issued by the Mann Center for the Performing Arts states that the former U.S. Secretary of State will accompany on piano Aretha Franklin, while she will perform some of her hits as “Say A Little Prayer” and “Natural Woman” but also songs included on her latest album, entitled “A Woman Falling Out of Love”.

The former head of Bush administration will also sing several passages of classical music, accompanied by the Philadelphia Orchestra.

The collaboration between the two women is unprecedented both in terms of music and politically.

Rice, a perfect pianist, played in the past with the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma and other great classical artists, rarely approaching contemporary repertoire.

Politically, everything seems to separate the two women. Aretha Franklin, who sang at the investiture ceremony of President Barack Obama is a supporter of the Democratic Party, while Rice is a convinced republican.

“I think we can do something together, an effort to move beyond the differences, to the benefit of charitable organizations” said Aretha Franklin, referring to the original duo, seeming to deliberately parodying the diplomatic language, so popular her stage partner.