Conrad Murray plans to call Michael Jackson’s kids to testify on his behalf

The doctor believes that by the children’s testimony he will succeed in showing he is not guilty of killing the singer with a lethal overdose of Propofol as authorities concluded.

It seems that Paris and Prince Michael Jackson are the kids that will testify that their father had a drug addiction.

According to a source “after saying goodbye to her dad at the hospital, Paris said, ‘My daddy is so cold again. He was always cold. He would sit by the fire to get warm.

We were always afraid he would fall in as he was so close to the flames.” “He couldn’t get warm. Now there he is … so cold.”

Moreover, the source added: “Prince and Paris knew their dad relied on Dr. Murray to survive and knew their father adored him … it would work well in the eyes of a jury.”

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Dr. Conrad Murray gave Michael Jackson Propofol

Moreover, seems that according to paramedics arrived at Jackson’s house that the singer was dead but they still took him to the hospital.

Rumors say that Dr. Conrad Murray request this only as a way to get himself off the hook.

Jackson seemed to have no blood pressure, pulse or breath. His pupils were also dilated.

On the other hand, Dr. Murray told paramedics that the singer was exhausted because he couldn’t fall asleep and he had given Michael Lorazepam, a sedative.

The fact that Murray omitted to say that he gave Jackson Propofol is no doubt something paramedics should have known about and will almost certainly be used by prosecutors at trial.

Rumors say Conrad Murray Cover Up Evidence

Michael Jackson received the fatal dose of Propofol through an IV in his leg, and Murray told cops he administered only a very small amount of Propofol: 2.5ml.

According to Dr. John Dombrowski, a noted anesthesiologist who reviewed the LAPD file for detectives, it seems that 2.5ml couldn’t even put Jackson to sleep.

Moreover, the autopsy report notes the level of Propofol found in Jackson was equivalent to what is found in “general anesthesia for major surgery.”

On the other hand, a small, empty, 20 ml bottle of Propofol was found in the bedroom, but a secret compartment in a nearby closet contained numerous bottles of Propofol as well.

Nevertheless next to that was found a large, empty, 100ml bottle with a large tear in the rubber stopper. A tear in the stopper is made to connect an entire bottle of Propofol to the IV. If this is done, the doctor must use an infusion pump to regulate the flow of Propofol, or else the patient could easily OD. There was no infusion pump found.

It seems that some sources inside the law enforcement believe Dr. Murray may have used the 100 ml bottle, then either tried regulating the flow by eyeballing it or letting it flow by itself. Not to say but that would be reckless, as Dr. Murray himself said he left to go to the bathroom at one point.

In consequence that would mean that if Dr. Murray did indeed empty the full 100 ml bottle into Jackson’s system that would be 40 times more Propofol than the physician said he administered.
Therefore, the doctor has been charged, pending a preliminary hearing.

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The recording that certificates Michael Jackson’s death was published online

This audio, in which we can hear the voice of a man who calls the hospital, could become a new evidence in the trial where the star’s former personal physician is judged.

American media believes that the voice on the tape belongs to a nurse employed at the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), calling the UCLA Hospital.

The recorded message containing the following words: “The patient is Michael Jackson, pop star. It has no pulse and not breathing. He is inert. We tried to revive. Unsuccessfully”.

“We did everything we could. We’ll get (to the hospital) in five minutes. Doesn’t look good. Doesn’t look good at all,” says the same voice.

This recording, posted on the forum of the ambulance workers, could be the first official news that confirmed the American star’s death on June 25, 2009.

An LAFD spokesman said: “I would not confirm if that was one of our employees. It could be. It refers to” pop star Michael Jackson “, but we never used to say names.

If the recording is authentic, it could be vital evidence in the trial of Conrad Murray, the star’s former personal physician, accused of murder.

The registration contradicts the saying of the doctors, who said the star’s body had pulse when he boarded the ambulance.


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Conrad Murray might be charged of homicide

Sources from the Los Angeles County D.A declared today that dr. Conrad Murray might be put under charges for involuntary homicide. Look for charges to be filed as early as next week.

Murray, already questioned twice by police, will confront this charge, most probably on Monday.

Necropsy papers of Michael Jackson shows that the star died due to a overdose of drugs, propofol and lorazepam, some sedatives.

The sources said that the papers were already filed, and the D.A. David Walgren is familiarized with the investigation.

Nevertheless, the L.A.P.D. didn’t officially met with the prosecuting attorney to show the case, but Walgren worked closely with police and he’s aware of the investigation’s evolution.

Michael Jackson died last year, on 25 June, due to a cardiac arrest.


Conrad Murray rumored to go to jail for killing Michael Jackson

Rumors say that it’s almost certain that Conrad Murray will be officially charged of killing Michael Jackson due to the fact that police finished the investigations since last year. As soon as possible the case will be on prosecutors desk in L.A.
The investigation was very laborious and extremely difficult, and evidence that incriminates Murray are sufficient for the prosecutors to accuse the doctor, say people who were taking part of investigations.
Nevertheless, everyone says it will be a complicated case because the doctor did not violate any law by giving MJ Propofol. Murray might be charged of involuntary homicide which means a blatant negligence.


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