Jennifer Aniston is “going on fun dates with interesting men”

As we reported earlier, Jennifer is set to guest star in “Cougar Town” alongside with her BFF Courtney Cox.

The 40 years-old actress was spotted having a two hour dinner date with Cougar actor Josh Hopkins on September 2.

The two dinned at Madeo in Beverly Hills and seemed to enjoy the date according to an eyewitness.

“She seemed very excited about her date. She and Josh sat at a more private table and they seemed to get along great.”

The actress had a long conversation to Josh while ordering fish and enjoying a glass of wine.

“It was obvious that they don’t know each other well, but there was a flirty energy between them and Jen looked very happy,” adds the witness. Reps for both haven’t commented on the relationship, but there’s no denying the smile on Aniston’s face these days.

“Jen has been in the best mood lately. She is trying to do whatever makes her happy, which includes going on fun dates with interesting men.”

Image source:; Celeb Utopia

Does Jennifer Aniston really has a strange diet?

On the other hand, Courtney Cox recently said that she took meal cues with her good friend Jennifer Aniston for an entire decade.

Cox, 45, declared: “Jennifer and Lisa [Kudrow] and I ate lunch together every single day for 10 years. We always had the same thing – a Cobb salad. But it wasn’t really a Cobb salad. It was a Cobb salad that Jennifer doctored up with turkey bacon and garbanzo beans and I don’t know what. She has a way with food, which really helps.” 

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in Los Cabos celebrating

The first rumors that appear about the two actors were on Golden Globe Awards, when they posed so happy and apparently they shared some kisses.

This was only the beginning. It seemed that during January, the rumor became a love story.

Recently, Jen went in Mexico to celebrate her 41 anniversary with her good friends Courtney Cox and her husband David Arquette, but also with Gerard Butler!

Gerard couldn’t refuse Jennifer’s invitation and be certainly like to repeat the kissing scene from „The Bounty Hunter”, only this time will be real, under the beautiful sun in Los Cabos.