Chrysler PT Cruiser career came to an end

Ten years after its launch, the Chrysler PT Cruiser came to end its career. At the end of this week, the gates of the factory in Mexico, released the last copy of the iconic model. At its market launch in 2000, PT Cruiser was seen as a non-conformist model that combines the retro style with the modern one.

During the first years of existence it has enjoyed a high success, the American manufacturer couldn’t keep up with the orders received. The lack of interest shown by company’s officials made the PT Cruiser reach its fall. If Chrysler PT Cruiser, in its early career, was produced by 145,000 units annually, only 18,000 copies in 2009 left the factory gate in Mexico.

The inflated wings, oblique hood and high doors were the strengths of PT Cruiser. It was listed as a symbiosis between modern cars and the limousines from the 30s. Chrysler still has in stock 5700 copies of PT Cruiser and so far they manage to sell about 1,000 units monthly.

“Since Chrysler produced many PT Cruiser models, it certainly will not attract the attention of collectors”, said Dave Kinney, the author of a guide to classic cars.

Image source: Automarket