Mel B. “hang her head in shame” over people doubt

She felt like she ”hang her head in shame” due to Murphy’s denial of fathering her three-year-old daughter Angel.

The singer also revealed that Eddie won’t have a role in Angel’s life because he wasn’t there during Mel’s pregnancy.

“Angel is three and I didn’t expect her real biological father to pop back into her life. I think, in my mind, I fought so hard for justice at the very beginning of my pregnancy. I was hanging my head in shame because everyone was like, ‘Is that really the father?’ but I knew what I knew.

“Do I really want to be back on a red carpet entertaining everyone else’s world like, ‘Ooh, Eddie’s back in our life – we’re one big happy family'”

Nevertheless, thanks to a DNA test, everyone found out that in fact Eddie was the father.

“I had to keep my head down – I had no choice but to just carry on with everything. It brings up all that again and all that hurt I went through by myself and pregnant.

“I had to move to the beach, I had paparazzi following me everywhere, I had people calling me a gold digger and saying that I got pregnant on purpose. It was a horrible time so I had to make sure I wasn’t frustrated by what everyone was saying and forget what actually went on.”

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