Diana Ross’s niece claims she is Michael Jackson’s daughter

Mocienne Petit Jackson, who lives in Netherlands, submitted a file to Superior Court of Justice in Los Angeles requesting approval of a DNA test to establish paternity.

The woman claims that she was born in 1975, when Michael Jackson, then 17 years old, had left pregnant her mother, Barbara, Diana Ross’s sister.

Mocienne Petit Jackson accuses Katherine Jackson of trying to kidnap her when she was nine years old trying to defend the “reputation” of Michael.

Mocienne Petit Jackson claims she was diagnosed with vitiligo, the same skin disease that Michael Jackson suffered. She decided to initiate this action in order to formally request the rightfully part of her “father” legacy.

She also asked for the custody of three children of MJ, saying she wanted to give them “a normal life.”

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Halle Berry with daughter at circus

Halle Berry, the actress who previously lamented the lack of a child in her life, has every reason for joy: a happy little girl to adore her.

Tabloids have recently published a series of pictures with Halle Berry and her daughter Nahla Aubry, who attended a circus show in Los Angeles on July 18.

Halle and little Nahla applauded each moment of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus – Greatest Show on Earth, at the Staples Center.

Tia Carrere’s second divorce?

Tia, 43, who is acting as her own attorney, filed for divorce from Simon Wakelin in Los Angeles Superior Court Thursday, seeking sole physical custody of their daughter, Bianca, 4.

Rumors say that in her divorce papers cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Moreover, the papers show the couple has a prenuptial agreement.

Back in 2000, Tia also divoced from her first husband producer Elie Samaha, so this isn’t news to Tia’s life.

A rep for Carrere wasn’t immediately available for comment.

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Alec Baldwin shortly hospitalized

The star was taken by paramedics to a New York hospital where he spent about an hour before being released by a doctor, police said.

The actor follows to co-host the 82nd annual Academy Awards show with Steve Martin on March 7.

According to a New York City police official it seems that just after midnight, Baldwin’s 14-year-old daughter, Ireland, called 911 reporting a dispute.

“She reported he made statements that made her worried that he might harm himself or take pills or something like that,” the police official said.

Matthew Hiltzik, a spokesman for Baldwin, said in a statement the actor was “fine.”

“This was a misunderstanding on one person’s part. Alec was quickly released from the hospital, he’s completely fine and is at work today,” Hiltzik said in a statement.

This isn’t the first incident of this kind because back in 2007, the actor apologized to Ireland on national television after he called her a “thoughtless little pig,” in a ranting voice-mail message that was made public on the Internet.

This followed a bitter, six-year custody dispute over Ireland with his ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger.

Rumors say Madonna’s daughter has a boyfriend

Teenage daughter Lourdes has a boyfriend and inrumor knows all about it !
According to recent rumors, Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, 13 years old, which is the result of the star’s short but passionate romance with personal trainer, Carlos Leon, is dating a boy named Carlo, and which she desires not to be see by public eyes.
Rumors say that mother Madonna isn’t disturbed by her daughter’s relationship at all : “Actually, Madonna is totally fine with it because she knows it’s not that serious at the moment. She allowed Lourdes to take him to the premiere of the movie Nine in New York last month and they have met up several times since.”
On the other hand, rumors also say that teenage Lourdes has the habit to polemics with her superstar mother about her fashion choices.
Rumors say that mother Madonna is trying to make her daughter be more self confident and to be able to defend on her own : “Occasionally, they argue because Lourdes might like to wear something her mother doesn’t agree with. Like all mothers and daughters, they have disagreements. That’s OK with Madonna. Madonna told me, ‘I want her to learn to argue and stand up for herself. And if she can stand up to me, she can stand up to anyone”.


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