“Craigslist Killer” committed suicide in jail

The man named Philip Markoff was found dead in his jail cell on Sunday around 10 a.m.

He was sentenced to jail time after he killed a masseuse that he met on web site called Craigslist.

The man was alone in his cell so the details show he killed himself with a plastic bag that he put it on his head, as the police report said.

Markoff’s attorney declared: “I’m shocked and saddened by the news”.

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Jennifer Hudson spoke about family murders

Two years ago, in 2008, Jennifer’s mother, Darnell Hudson Donerson, 57, and older brother, Jason, 29, were found dead in their Chicago home. Later, her missing nephew, Julian King, 7, was found dead in an SUV on Chicago’s West Side.

‘It’s all a blur, it was surreal. It was like I was outside of myself’, she said. 

‘For almost two weeks straight…  [I was] inside one room with just family and friends coming in and out,’ says the 28-year-old.  ‘I prayed when I’d get up in the morning and prayed before I laid down at night.’

I feel like I’ve lived about three or four different lives,’ she says. Jennifer said that her son reminds her of her nephew.

The actress added: ‘I want him to get the same love and the same upbringing as my mother gave to us and that way I’ll know for sure he’ll be loved.’

Simon Monjack, 39, passed away last night

It seems that the man was found unconscious last night and pronounced dead soon after her mother called 911.

According to police statements Brittany’s mom, Sharon, found Simon around 9:30, unresponsive.

Rumors say that the cause of death appeared to be a heart attack, nevertheless, detectives are investigating.

Both Brittany and Simon were found unconscious by Sharon in the same room, possibly having succumbed to cardiac arrest.

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Dr. Conrad Murray gave Michael Jackson Propofol

Moreover, seems that according to paramedics arrived at Jackson’s house that the singer was dead but they still took him to the hospital.

Rumors say that Dr. Conrad Murray request this only as a way to get himself off the hook.

Jackson seemed to have no blood pressure, pulse or breath. His pupils were also dilated.

On the other hand, Dr. Murray told paramedics that the singer was exhausted because he couldn’t fall asleep and he had given Michael Lorazepam, a sedative.

The fact that Murray omitted to say that he gave Jackson Propofol is no doubt something paramedics should have known about and will almost certainly be used by prosecutors at trial.

Kristian Digby from BBC died due to an erotic game

A post mortem examination is underway, but it is believed that Digby would have suffocated accidentally during an erotic game involving deprivation of oxygen to increase pleasure, according to newspaper The Independent.

Those persons who practice such erotic games used masks, ropes, rubber and even plastic bags to obtain pleasure.According to police, the circumstances of the presenter’s death are not yet “cleared”.

Kristian Digby was declared dead at his home in east London, where an ambulance was called shortly after 8:00 am.

Colleagues and his friends were shocked by his death and described him as a “nice guy”, which infuse energy and heat the shows that they present, including “To Buy Or Not To Buy” and “Holiday Show”. Also, Digby, aged 32, has directed films and television programs.

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Andrew Koenig’s body was found

“My son took his own life,” his father, Walter Koenig, said in an emotional news conference in the park.

It seems that the actor’s body was found around 11:30 a.m. in a heavily wooded area just off a bridle path in 1,000-acre Stanley Park.

It seems that his father and other persons were searching him when a private search team of his family found the body. His father was in the midst of searching when he received a cell phone call from other searchers who discovered the body.

“I went to the site,” Walter Koenig said, adding that’s when he discovered his son had committed suicide.

Actor Andrew Koenig, 41, disappeared on Feb. 16 while traveling to the British Columbia city.

The announcement came one day later when Koenig’s father made an emotional televised plea to his son to let the family know he was okay.

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Other earthquakes in Haiti

The USGS detected an quake with 4,4 degree magnitude at local hour 6:16a.m. Port-au-Prince people and the AFP journalists felt another seismic reply, an hour earlier, around 5:00a.m.

The risk of producing other seismic reply in Haiti within 30 days from the quake on 12 January, is high, warned USGS, which estimates with a probability of 25% to produce another quake of 6 degree magnitude in this period of time.

Also, USGS said that any other seismic reply bigger than 5 degree will be strongly felt and may cause other damages.

Haiti’s earthquake, a cry for help

According to professor Roger Searle from the Earth Sciences Department at Durham University in England seems compared the earthquake’s power with several nuclear bombs. He said the combination of its magnitude and geographical shallowness made it particularly dangerous.

Considering Haiti’s consul general to the U.N., declarations, Felix Augustin, more than 100,000 people were dead. Haiti’s population is about 10 million people and now about 3 million people which means one-third of Haiti’s population were affected by the quake according the Red Cross.

Haiti’s prime minister, Jean-Max Bellerive said: “I hope the people had time to get out. So many buildings, so many neighborhoods totally destroyed, and some neighborhoods we don’t even see people. So I don’t know where those people are.”

They have no electricity, the roads are destroyed, everywhere you look buildings collapsed, no fresh water or food, they are desperate for help. Some people who still had homes refused to go inside, fearing collapse. Scores huddled together in parks and sidewalks, trying to get rest.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta reportedly: “Simply getting through the streets to collect the dead bodies is seemingly an impossible task. There’s hardly any heavy machinery to try and dig through the rubble, people are doing it by hand”.

Haiti’s President declared: “We need medicine. We need medical help in general. Some of the hospitals, they collapsed.” It seems that the presidential palace in Port-au-Prince was in ruins. Haiti’s president, said he did not know where he was going to sleep Wednesday night: “I have plenty of time to look for a bed. But now I am working on how to rescue the people. Sleeping is not the

People around the world join their forces to help Haiti’s population. Among these people and organizations we can mention Bill Clinton who said “The most important thing you can do is not to send those supplies, but to send cash”.
Also the United Nations plans to release $10 million in aid immediately, while the World Bank pledged another $100 million on Wednesday afternoon.

President Obama promised a “swift, coordinated and aggressive” response from the United States. Obama said : “The reports and images that we’ve seen of collapsed hospitals, crumbled homes and men and women carrying their injured neighbors through the streets are truly heart-wrenching”.

Singer and Haitian native, Wyclef Jean asked people to help Haitians through his organization called Yéle which means “a cry for freedom.” The purpose of the organization has been, from its inception, to restore pride and hope to the Haitian people through projects that will allow citizens to ultimately help themselves, such as the creation of scholarships, support for the arts, food distribution and emergency relief according the singer

Moreover, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donated $1 million for the organization’s emergency medical operations in Haiti “Doctors Without Borders”.
The couple said: “We will work closely with our good friend Wyclef Jean to support the humanitarian efforts on the island and help those who have been injured and left without homes and shelter.”

Other stars that made public their donation to Haiti earthquake victims are Oprah Winfrey, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.