Isabella Rossellini designed for Bvlgari

Isabella Rossellini – who recently participated in a specially designed photo session on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the famous Italian brand, organized to raise funds for the humanitarian project “Rewrite the Future” – has collaborated with the designers of this Italian fashion house to create a special line of accessories.

Francesco Trapani, chief executive of Bvlgari Group, commented: “These purses gracefully expresses the essence of impeccable elegance of Isabella Rossellini. Sensitive, intelligent and blessed with an innate creative flair, she personifies the feminine ideal which always inspired the creations of the Bulgari brand”.

Isabella Rossellini, who for 14 years represented the image of French luxury cosmetics brand, Lancome, said that her admiration towards the Bvlgari house dates from childhood and she wanted to bring a “personal touch” to the new line of handbags launched by the Italian group.

The star aged 58 years said: “My emotional relationship with Bvlgari brand dates back to childhood, when I went with my mother to the famous store on Via Condotti in Rome. She loved Bvlgari jewelry, I still remember very clearly some of those”.

“The purse is an indispensable accessory for all the women and I tried to make it a stylish and luxury item, like a jewel. I wanted to bring a personal touch to the handbags, including in their design drawings that I created for my surreal films, thereby combining art, design, fashion and film, humor and elegance”, the actress added.

Isabella Rossellini, daughter of Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and Italian director Roberto Rossellini, is an actress, philanthropist, model and writer. He played in movies like “Blue Velvet” (1986), “Death Becomes Her” (1992) and “Napoleon” (2002), in which she played Josephine.

Victoria Beckham to design the interior of the Range Rover

The ex-Spice Girl revealed this information during a party in London on Thursday organized by Land Rover at the 40th Range Rover party.

Victoria Beckham seemed to be extremely excited by this professional opportunity.

“The classic British heritage of Range Rover and the effortless style, quality and beauty is something I truly admire and also what I hope to achieve with my own brand. I am honored to take on this role and be part of the creative team”, said Victoria.

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Porsche Design fall-winter 2010-2011 fashion collection

Most of the Porsche models are famous for performance but also for the wide line of accessories signed by its creative studio. The latest achievement, signed Porsche Design, is the Autumn-Winter 2010-2011 fashion collection, having more clothes and leather accessories.

Reaching its third autumn-winter collection, Porsche Design offers for their brand fans, among others, a TecFlex leather jacket, a limited edition jacket, gloves and a Cervo shoulder bag. The clothing line is complemented by several classic accessories like sunglasses, shirts and scarves.

According to Porsche Design studio, the clothes created in Zell am See headquarters, in Austria, are made to reflect an individual personality. The items can only be found in Europe Porsche Design stores and on the Internet.

Mercedes-Benz Hexawheel: a design study

Inspired by the shape of insects, Hexawheel is able to overcome major obstacles due to its flexible structure combined with the six-wheel and four-wheel drive.
Hexawheel has a total length of 4.8 meters, two equal wheelbases measuring 0.95 meters and a guard ground of 460 mm.

The concept’s weight designed by Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi is distributed equally among the three axes.

Hexawheel is intended for people who love adventure or those who are forced to travel in difficult conditions and on difficult surfaces.

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Petra Ecclestone’s fashion firm is on hold

Even is she received a considerable help and investment from her billionaire father Bernie, Form Clothing will go out of business tomorrow after just two years.

According to rumors, Ecclestone, the Formula 1 boss, invested ‘a significant’ sum of money into the company and helped secure racing champion Jenson Button as the face of the line, but the company is understood to have run into financial difficulty.

Petra, 21, is untrained in fashion design but studied at the Art College in London. Here is what her friends say: ‘Petra put a lot of grit and determination into the label at first, but her interest dwindled and the company lost money,’ a source tells me.

‘Bernie told her she’s on her own. He’s not indulgent with his children and he once quibbled with Petra over a £100 fine.’

It seems it had not stocked Form clothing for six months. Petra had hoped to take the line to Japan and Germany but has put all plans on hold.

‘Form is not going to continue, I’ve stopped it for now to concentrate on charity,’ says the heiress, who is worth £2.3billion.

‘I’m going to concentrate on bespoke and made-to-measure and pause for a few months. I’m working with the Meningitis Trust for now.’

Russians created a design hypothesis of future Volga

The model is created by the brothers Bukin, two Russian designers who worked on other models GAS.

For now, this is just a proposal to design a future model GAZ, the Russian had no immediate intention to develop a production version of this concept, codenamed GL 5000.

For added resonance in the public mind, the two designers have used the name Volga.

In the version designed by the two brothers, GAS 5000 GL is equipped with a 3.2-liter engine that develops 296 hp, coupled to a six-speed manual transmission.

The motor engages all four wheels via a wheel drive system. Besides promising performance that announces this model, practical issues have not been forgotten, GAS GL 5000 has a five-door configuration, which allows opening of the fifth door a hatcback, and also in conventional mode as sedan.

This configuration is already on the Skoda Superb and BMW 5 Series GT.

It seems that there is an opportunity to get this model sometime in production, but the version which will be available on the market will not have too many elements in common with the model of the two images.

Most likely, Russia will abandon the all-wheel drive system and the modern design in favor of a classical approach and cheap, or will adapt as much as possible items made by the two designers, necessary to the production model and strict safety regulations and environment that need to comply as any car launched in the European Union.

Young Designers imagine the futures Bentley

Bentley has devised a contest that wants to bring up the design ideas for future models. The participants were young students at the Royal College of Art in London.

Bentley tries to improve the image of his models with new ideas coming from young designers. As a result, the manufacturer has signed an exclusive partnership with an famous institution Royal College of Art (RCA), which created a design competition, named “Bentleys of the Future”.

More young talent enrolled in the competition and have developed over the past few months a series of futuristic interpretation of Bentley models. Of these, only four works were selected, who will attend the second phase of the competition, held under the careful guidance of Raul Pires, head of exterior design department of the Bentley.

Bora Kim from South Korea has imagined a Bentley that can easily receive any type of engine, depending on the journey that the driver intends to make. Swede Marten came with Wallgreen sketch a futuristic Bentley while David Seesing, German man, thought of a British limo able to combine a radical design with an impressive aerodynamics. It could not miss any idea of a performance Bentley, it belonging to Finn Mikka Heikkinen.

The winners of the competition will be invited to join the Bentley studio in Crewe for a period of six months, with possibility to become later the people who will draw tomorrow’s limos.

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The design of Alfa Romeo Fastback 2017 is revolutionary

Jacob McMurry imagined the aesthetic future of models Alfa Romeo by drawing Alfa Romeo Fastback 2017, a Sedan from executive class, with glass ceiling and side panels which can change their degree of transparency.

The American said he got inspired from design of competition cars of ‘30s, but also by Venetian carnival. McMurry also thought about the technical part of Fastback 2017 and proposed a V8 engine powered by diesel or biodiesel and traction provided by the rear axle.

Yanko Design, those who promoted Murry’s project, hopes that the model’s design of Alfa Romeo which will be commercialized in North America to be similar to Fastback 2017.

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The Texas Motor contest

Now you can design your ideal vehicle thanks to Local Motors’ “Texas Motors” competition.

Local Motors wishes to build unique cars for multiple markets in U.S. Therefore, you can design a car and submit it into the contest, and you can win the competition and the vehicle will then put into production.

This contest wishes to approach to a niche segment popular in Texas due to hunting.
Concerning the design, competitors can to let their imagination fly but they have to built cars that have 4 to 6 passengers , a lockable cargo area for guns and valuables, sport tough front fenders and a brush guard, and incorporate at least 10 inches of ground clearance.

Also the cars must have four-wheel-drive, storage boxes, winches, and a washable interior.

Moreover, the prizes are : second and third place winners will receive $300 and $200, and the first place winner will receive a $1500 prize and the car that he/she designed might go into production. For those who want to compete, they can submit their designs until February 9. Good luck!

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Rumor say the Sony team will rethink PS4’s hardware design

Rumor say Sony has been thinking beyond the Cell processor due to developer troubles and has started to seek alternatives for their 4th generation machine. Since the Cell processor had many advantages in performance and creative research this generation, despite arriving late in the game, it must be a difficult decision to move away from such a large innovation.
Considering other rumor, the new CPU will be multi-core, but that comes to no surprise as most if not all CPUs these days are done with multi-core in mind.
New ideas come out includes a modified SPU, but that is very unclear other than the fact that they originally intended to upgrade the Cell architecture.
Recently were some rumors that Sony was considering Intel’s Larabee chipset. Because of poor performance, this plan likely fell through quite fast. Judging from Intel’s integrated GPUs in the past, it’s probably best to leave it to brands such as Nvidia and ATI.


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