Vladimir Putin has no mobile phone and never responds to the phone

Vladimir Putin

During the meeting with employees Norilski Nickel, Putin stunned the audience by declaring that he has no mobile phone. “I do not own a phone, do not use something like this,” Putin said after someone asked him what brand of phone he has.

“If I had had a phone it would ring constantly. In addition, I never respond to the phone I have at home,” said Putin. Unlike Putin, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is passionate about next-generation technologies he became the first owner of the iPhone 4G in Russia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger promotes high-tech in Russia

Schwarzenegger said in Santa Clara that California must use its intellectual and technological potential for developing partnership with Russia in high technology.

The Governor also intends to visit China, Japan and South Korea, from September 9 to 15. It is not yet known the exact date of his visit in Russia.

Schwarzenegger addressed this issue for the first time during a recent visit to the United States of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who went to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, in June.

Medvedev then expressed his hope that the visit in the Silicon Valley will send a signal to companies interested in developing innovative technologies in Russia.

Russia will establish in Skolkovo, near Moscow, an IT center similar to Silicon Valley.

Image source: htc-phones.net