Dr. Dre missed on recording with Ice Cube for M.I.A.

Moreover, Dr. Dre missed while the process of recording was taken place and it’s likely that the song won’t be on the new album.

Ice Cube spoke about this incident: “Dre went M.I.A.; I don’t know where he at. If y’all find him, tell him to give me a call.”

“It’s cool, he went M.I.A. on Snoop too. Everybody wanna work with him, so it’s up to him on who he wants to work with, who he don’t wanna work with.”

The rapper also revealed how their relationship changed since N.W.A. “It’s a distant relationship. It’s been distant ever since I left N.W.A., so I don’t expect that to change.

We all went our separate ways back then, we were youngsters. We’re grown now. That is what it is. It reminds me of, like, somebody I hung out [with] in high school a lot, but now that you grown, you talk to every now and then. That’s kind of how I look at it.”

Image source: madnews.wordpress.com; richfrombechtle.wordpress.com

Dr. Dre sued by Paramount

Moreover, Paramount representatives say that Dr. Dre hasn’t paid the hours he spent in their L.A. studio.

In documents filed last weekend in Los Angeles Superior Court, Paramount claims that Dr. Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, has not paid for hours she pent in the California studio during April 2009 – June 2010.

According to the same documents, Andre Young had promised to pay the amount before July 13 but has not fulfilled his promise.

According to a source, the rapper had used the same recording studio in the past 10 years and benefited from a preferential tariff.

Image source: billboard.com