Girls Aloud singer, Nadine Coyle, is engaged to Jason Bell

It seems it was a surprise proposal made last week in L.A. and Jason had to ask her down in two knees because of an injury.

The singer was spotted wearing an engagement ring and she admitted wearing one during an appearance on Radio 1.

She said: ‘Yes, that is an engagement ring. It happened last week.

‘I just got back from London and he was in New York and he surprised me with a ring and stuff, while I was in my pyjamas! If I had known I would have had a blow-dry or at least had a manicure or something!

‘It happened in Los Angeles. He was really nice about it. ‘He got down on two knees, not one knee because he had played football for a while so he was all banged up. It was different! It was really, really nice. He’s probably dying now.’

Currently Nadine promotes her single called “Insatiable” and revealed that the Girls Aloud still exists.

Bradley Cooper to marry Renee Zellweger

This is only a rumor based on sources’ statements of the newly couple.

“Bradley’s been looking at rings,” a source said, “and he’s trying to plan the perfect proposal!”

On the other hand, also sources say that Renee might not accept Bradley’s proposal.

“Renee and Bradley are very much in love and committed to each other,” a source said last month.

“But with Renee’s experience with marriage she is saying another wedding is not important to her.

“She’s desperate to start a family and having spoken to Bradley, that would seem to be their first priority.”

Besides, Bradley is all about respect and he is very protective to her due to the actress’ past relationships.

Robbie Williams baby rumors

According to the couple’s friends the party would be a baby shower. The rumors are fueled by the fact that after the wedding the guests were invited to see a “room specifically intended to be a nursery”.

“Ayda’s worked on everything from layouts to color schemes. It’s so strange to have a party so soon after the wedding” said a source told British newspaper The Sun.
On the other hand, more details about the wedding are known. For example, there was no alcohol but only “cups of tea, perfectly cut sandwiches and of course, lots of cakes.”

Rumors say that Ayda’s engagement ring cost $250,000 and that Robbie held a speech at the wedding reception.

“His speech was really sweet and no one was expecting Robbie to well up. After that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house,” said one guest. “Robbie said the loveliest things about Ayda and how gorgeous she looked in that gown.”

The newly weds are now set to go in Mexico for their honeymoon.

Katy Perry already married to Russell Brand?

For example, Katy referred to Russell’s mother Barbara as her ‘mother-in-law’, while Russell himself has been referring to Katy as his wife.

On the other hand, the 25 years old singer said in an interview about Russell: ‘Life’s never dull with him – that’s why I married him!’

The host and also the audience were in shock, but Katy quickly added: ‘That’s why I’m marrying him!’

There were also several words that made us believe that the couple get married.

Moreover, the couple is due to marry in September, just after one year since they started dating.