Porsche sues Nissan due to an advertisement in England

The aggressive advertising style, promoted especially by German brands in the United States are not operating under the same parameters in Europe. Once Nissan has kicked off an aggressive campaign against German manufacturers in Britain, Porsche rises and threatens the Japanese before the court because the banner ad for the Nissan in London and at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood include Porsche logo without their consent.

Nissan campaign is based on a “list” of victories that Nissan had at Nurburgring with BMW, Audi and Porsche. The list of the defeated models is not displayed, but their number is noted on the door of their sports model, 370Z and GT-R. Curiously, Porsche didn’t attacked the “list” created by informal duels, but the use without rights on those banners, gathered in the campaign named “How to beat the Germans.”

“The problem is that they used Porsche logo without rights. The logo is owned by Porsche and we are not give the right to use to any company without our permission”, say Porsche officials, who confirms that they have no problem with the campaign’s subject. “I have examined in detail what Nissan communicate, but we don’t have a problem with it,” says Andrea Baker, Director of Porsche UK PR office.

Image source: Automarket

Will Johnny Depp move to a small UK village?

The franchise star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, 47, was seen recently in a village bar in Rougham from Suffolk County in eastern England.

Locals say that they saw the actor driving a small white van and admire the village’s landscape.

Brenda Beeton, the vice president of the local parish committee, said: “It is rumored to be moving here. I heard that already, his children were attending the village school”.

Johnny Depp, who has two children with his life partner, French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis, and has some residences in France, Los Angeles and the Bahamas Islands.

Image source: blog.tawnyweber.com