Facebook provided false numbers of its users!

Facebook“As of this morning, 500 million people all around the world are actively using Facebook to stay connected with their friends and the people around them. ” says Facebook on their official blog.

“The 500 million users are active members, that were connected and have made at least one transaction in their account within a month,” says Facebook, without being able to specify how many physically correspondents are behind those 500 million members. Basically, there are people who have multiple user accounts and the figures provided by Facebook don’t take this into account. Also Facebook separately record IPs from which a network user login.

For example, in Paris, the number of Facebook users outnumber the entire population of the city. More specifically, the number of users of the French capital, according to Facebook, is 4.5 million, while according to official statistics, the number of people “intra-muros” of Paris is only 2.2 million people.

A similar phenomenon occurs in Ile-de-France. This area includes 10.7 million visitors, ie 92% of the total population of the region, which includes the elderly and very young children.

Facebook said that its data is based on user profile and admit errors in their data.

Facebook is trying to profit from the growing number of their users and is always trying to make surprise announcements on its audience data to attract online advertising, says Les Echos.