Robbie Williams forgot the lyrics while singing

It seems that Robbie had to break off during singing “Feel” because he forgot the lyrics.

He quickly went to the back of the stage to check a lyric book while his fans waited for him to continue.

As a replay of the embarrassing moment, the singer said to fans: ‘ I scared myself to death, thank you.’

He continued the show in a good note due to fan opinion: ‘I love how Robbie Williams forgot his own words. He styled it out well though!’

The singer had a big surprise for the audience: the sang along with former Take That member, Gary Barlow, for the first time in 15 years.

In order to show the world they passed over all the misunderstanding between them, the two hugged on stage in from of everyone.

The two singer performed “Shame”, a song that describes their relationship.

In a sign that their dark years were behind them, Williams, 36, and Barlow, 39, embraced on stage in front of fans.

Robbie introduced on Barlow on stage by saying: ‘Have I got a treat for you, this is one of the most amazing moments in my professional career so far.

‘It has been 15 years in the making. My wife calls him my boyfriend, I call him my captain, you call him Gary Barlow.’

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